Top Ten Fan Hardcores

Your picks for the best fan hardcores based on PeanutButterGamer's Hardcore series.

The Top Ten

1 Simoz's HC

he's dumb

2 Sykore
3 Toastcore

Lol best

4 ICryInMySleep's Hardcores

He does them on a semi-frequent basis, unlike most. Once a HC has ended, it'll be a month or two before the next HC, compared to Simoz, who doesn't start a HC until, about, 3-ish months later. Very good modified portraits, too. - GamerOGuy

Cri was supposed to be number 2 or even 1 on the list lol I hecked - palec

5 Discore

WHERE IS IT? - GamerOGuy

6 FunCore
7 EliteCore
8 GoldenBrawler HC

Stop the puns please - GamerOGuy

What a “golden” series!

9 eliasdapolarbear HC

This hardcore series moved me to tears. So beautiful. - palec

10 Gavcore

Because gavin requested it - palec


The Contenders

11 Delcore
12 Extreme
13 Nowcore

"I want nowcore, *now*core" -Conrad

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