Top 10 Fan-Made DBZ Characters


The Top Ten

1 Gohan Blanco (Dragon Ball X)

Created by Joe Capo, this is the result of Gohan being useful again.
In this form, he is strong enough to take out Gods like El Grande Padre. - BurritoSeal

2 Gast Carcolh (Dragon Ball Multiverse)

The "what if all the namekians fused" resulted in someone strong enough to kill Frieza, Cell, Broly, and even Majin Buu. - BurritoSeal

3 Bra (Dragon Ball Multiverse)

Not the initial character created by Toriyama, but the alternate version of this character.
As the daughter of Vegito, she has a lot of potential.
She killed King Cold in his 2nd augmentation form, and easily avenged Pan by killing Zangya. - BurritoSeal

4 Xicor (Dragon Ball AF)

The son of a kai, and half-saiyan half-kai.
Enough said! - BurritoSeal

5 Gogito (Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki)

Ultra Instinct Gogito would destroy Whis and the other gods. - TheDarkOne_221b

An awesome fusion of Gogeta and Vegito.
Just wait 'till they turn SSB4! - BurritoSeal

6 Trunten (Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki)

An underrated character, but an interesting spin on what if Goten and Trunks used the earrings instead of the dance. - BurritoSeal

7 Inferno Broly (Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki)

What if...
...Broly and Puke-Monster Broly fused. - BurritoSeal

8 Master Shenron (Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki)

Is the result of of Syn absorbing all dragon balls in existence, instead of just the earth's - BurritoSeal

9 Rigor (Dragon Ball New Age)

Great backstory, wanting revenge on Vegeta for killing his mother. - BurritoSeal

10 Turdcule (Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki)

Something I put in to fill the last slot. - BurritoSeal

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