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21 Ash and Pikachu Ash and Pikachu
22 Serena and Gary

Why someone hasn't commented at this couples

They seems so cute..
Come on, they would be number 1

I like gary with Serena's new look..


I like the couple of Serena and Gary...
The couple of Serena and Calem...

23 Sylveon and Umbreon

They are the best I love them best couple ever!

24 Ash and Gary


25 May and Drew
26 Serena and Magikarp

Yup there's nothing wrong with a girl doing it with a Fish

They deserve each other

27 Dawn and Paul

I think it works. Paul is like the dark, moody type and Dawn can be the girl to add some joy in his life!

No way in hell. - egnomac

Dawn and Paul are way better than any other dawn pairing

How is this last on the list?

V 3 Comments
28 Leaf and Calem

I like the couple of leaf and calem than the couple of Serena and Calem...

29 Tracey and Daisy V 1 Comment
30 Gary and Dawn V 1 Comment
31 Tracey and May V 1 Comment
32 Ash and Paul
33 Iris and Bianca
34 Cilan and Cameron
35 Clemont and Bonnie

They are brother and sister they are not a couple!

36 Sylveon and Umbreon
37 Gardevoir and Gallade V 1 Comment
38 Magikarp and Feebas

They are both gods that should be together to make more gods.

39 Burgundy and Gary
40 Maylene and Candice

There is a LOT of subtext between these two in platinum. I'm kind of sad it's not bigger.

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