Top Ten Fan Made Pokemon Couples

This counts off the pokemon couples that we want to be together

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21 Ash and Pikachu Ash and Pikachu
22 Serena and Gary

Why someone hasn't commented at this couples

They seems so cute..
Come on, they would be number 1

I like gary with Serena's new look..


I like the couple of Serena and Gary...
The couple of Serena and Calem...

23 Sylveon and Umbreon

They are the best I love them best couple ever!

24 Ash and Gary


25 May and Drew
26 Serena and Magikarp

Yup there's nothing wrong with a girl doing it with a Fish

They deserve each other

27 Dawn and Paul

I think it works. Paul is like the dark, moody type and Dawn can be the girl to add some joy in his life!

No way in hell. - egnomac

Dawn and Paul are way better than any other dawn pairing

How is this last on the list?

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28 Leaf and Calem

I like the couple of leaf and calem than the couple of Serena and Calem...

29 Tracey and Daisy

They r the best.. Masttt ekdum

30 Gary and Dawn

Would see that

31 Tracey and May

This couple is the best..

32 Ash and Paul
33 Iris and Bianca
34 Cilan and Cameron
35 Clemont and Bonnie

They are brother and sister they are not a couple!

36 Sylveon and Umbreon
37 Gardevoir and Gallade

So cute and beautiful.

38 Magikarp and Feebas

They are both gods that should be together to make more gods.

39 Burgundy and Gary
40 Maylene and Candice

There is a LOT of subtext between these two in platinum. I'm kind of sad it's not bigger.

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