Top Ten Best Fan Made Sonic Games

The Top Ten

1 Sonic Mega Mix

You play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Mighty. How cool is that?

2 Metal Sonic Hyperdrive

If you love to play as Metal Sonic then this is the game you gotta play.

3 Sonic Heroes

It's good. Now, we need Sonic Heroes 2. Give us Sonic Heroes 2. Hey. Sega. GIVE US SONIC HEROES 2.

This Is NOT Fanmade I think you meant Sonic 2 Heroes or Sonic Classic Heroes

4 Sonic.EXE

I want to play

I love the concept of this game. As a Creepypasta fan, Sonic.EXE is one of my favorites. It's not like a typical ending where everyone is happy and everything is okay - This is great for its plot twists.

And the fact that the game does act like a virus makes it even better. It reads your computer name... Creepy, which is such a good feeling! I enjoy things that send shivers up my spine

One thing I'm a little disappointed in the game, though, is that it didn't make a reference to Sonic CD's "Fun is Infinite." Would be nice if the background track was used in the game to add up the creep factor. But overall, the game is amazing. I recommend people play the Sally.EXE sequel. - MillieTrina_Prower

5 Mighty the Armadillo Mighty the Armadillo
6 South Island Adventure
7 Sonic World

If u played this game you'll vote 4 sure

8 Tails In Sonic 1
9 Sonic: Before the Sequel

It's a fan fiction about what happened between Sonic 1 and 2, and how Sonic and Tails met! It's awesome!

Which console is this game on?

PC, and it's the best. #1

10 Knuckles In Sonic 1

The Contenders

11 Sonic Robo Blast 2

One of the greatest Fan game I've ever played and it has a lot of addons

12 Sonic Utopia
13 Ray the Flying Squirrel Ray the Flying Squirrel
14 Final Fantasy Sonic X
15 Sonic Adventure 3: Destroy All Evil

I will be waiting. Good luck - Chaotixhero

I'm planning fir this game (i'm from GER, so it would be in German and English, nit in Japanese (fun, only for the cult #HODA HODA HODA). There's two storys with all in all 8 characters (all for racing). And the optional fight and flight and hunt levels. The story would be awesome, like this, where the ground of the BIOLIZARD tempel is broken into parts. The ARK sayed: Cannon fires, but Sonic want to stop Julie, she kucks him, but he is dead or only unconcious. And then the tempel is broken into parts. Nazo and Black Wind and Scourge and Amy and Blaze and Shadow and Sonic falls out of the ARK. And what dies Julie do? She jumps out of the colony, to rescue her team. My gid, this was so EPIC!

16 Zippy the Porcupine

It's Sonic for the Atari 2600!

17 Sonic: After the Sequel

Great physics engine, creative level design, and an amazing original soundtrack make this fangame an instant classic. Go check it out if you haven't already.

Play it, this is the best game of all these...with Before the Sequel. Look it up, download it. Play it. Its music is wonderful.

18 Sonic Time Twisted
19 Green Hill Paradise Act 2
20 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 HD
21 Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart
22 Sonic Ages
23 Sonic Mania Sonic Mania
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