Top Ten Most Fanatical Fandoms


The Top Ten

1 Frozen Fans

This is a top ten worst fandoms - Nateawesomeness

2 My Little Pony Fans
3 Eminem Fans
4 Invader Zim Fans

Invader zim is a great show,but some of the fans are just kind of rude,but not anyone on TheTopTens - Nateawesomeness

5 Gravity Falls Fans

Let me explain, I said I don't like gravity falls, and a gravity falls fan said to me, hey noob, go watch Barney or something, LIKE SERIOUSLY! I JUST WANT TO BEAT UP THE PERSON WHO SAID THAT,(do not say I'm overreacting) - Nateawesomeness

Come you rabid fans who have nothing better to do than shoving up your biased opinions down our throats, eat my poop and drink my pee pee

6 Disney Fans

I am not talking to Disney 1994 or rockfashionetta,I'm talking to Disney fans that are not in TheTopTens family - Nateawesomeness

7 Foxy Fans

I like foxy,but not its fandom - Nateawesomeness

8 Sonic Fans

I hate sonic haters much more though - Nateawesomeness

9 Lion King Fans

They seriously throw tantrums like babies if you happen to dislike their precious film, and if you didn't cry when Mufasa died (which is nothing to cry about. He's a fictional character), they cuss you out for it.

10 Star Wars Fans

The Contenders

11 Supernatural Supernatural This haunting series follows the thrilling yet terrifying journeys of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who face an increasingly sinister landscape as they hunt monsters. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious more.
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