Top 10 Fanbases that Destroyed the Things They Loved

These fanbases destroyed the image of the thing they love so much

The Top Ten

1 FNAF Fanbase
2 Minecraft Fanbase
3 Sonic Fanbase

As a Sonic fan myself, I was unable to see Sonic in the same light as I saw him as a kid. He’s always been loyal to me since I first liked him, but the fans made him look sexual and horrible. This taught me a good lesson. You don’t have to be in the Sonic fanbase to prove you like the Sonic series.

4 Undertale Fanbase
5 Roblox Fanbase

The definition of cancer is this fanbase - christangrant

6 Pokémon Genwunners

I like pokemon but the fanbase is pretty annoying. If you even say the slightest thing of their beloved "masterpiece" (dude, nothing is perfect or a masterpiece and It's all just based by your own personal preferences. Even I can't say my favourite, Madoka Magica is a masterpiece, even that anime has a high rating in MAL because I have to know others may dislike It) they will throw a tantrum at you. And they'll say that every other anime is terrible. - MLPFan

These guys are so annoying, they go like, 'OEOEOEEEWW, their ArE 151 poKEmOn OnLy' - TwilightKitsune

7 Creepypasta Fanbase
8 Call of Duty Fanboys
9 Anime Fanbase
10 Sword Art Online Fanbase

The Contenders

11 PC Master Race Fanboys
12 Luigi Fans
13 Nintendrones
14 Cuphead Fandom
15 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.
16 Cartoon Network Fanbase

Cartoon network is rubbish because mis-adventure time is rubbish,expecially mi-stakes

17 Lion Guard Fandom

They're shipping child characters! Even with adult characters!

18 Liv and Maddie fans
19 Disney Fandom

If it weren't for the fanbase, particularly the ones keeping Tumblr afloat, "Ralph Breaks the Internet" would not exist.

20 Nostalgia Hogs
21 Justin Bieber Fandom

Only because he was the most followed Youtuber before he became famous.
When he was just a Youtuber singing covers of R'nB songs.
Then he became famous and suddenly he got hatred (and fans) because he was popular, because people don't like certain things becoming popular because it was their thing and they think the world revolves around them.

22 Valve Fanboys
23 Lion King Fandom
24 Furry Fandom
25 Balto Fandom
26 Golden Age Cartoon Fandom
27 Kingdom Hearts Fandom
28 Danny Phantom Fandom
29 The Loud House Fandom
30 Teletubbies fans
31 The Fox and the Hound fans
32 Victorious Fans
33 Frozen Fandom

Search up the list "Top Ten Things You Would Like To Throw At Elsa" and you'll see what I mean.

34 Krystal Fans
35 Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Fandom

Good game but horrible fanbase.

36 Shadow the Hedgehog's Fanbase
37 Animash Community
38 Pooh's Adventures Community
39 Scratchpad Wiki Community
40 Wikia Community
41 Renamon's Fanbase

Tell Me About It - s646451

42 Rareware Fandom
43 Non-Disney Movie Fandom
44 Secret of NIMH Fandom
45 Land Before Time Fandom
46 Saturday Morning Cartoon Fandom
47 Crossover Fandom
48 How to Train Your Dragon Fanbase
49 Star Wars Fanboys
50 Final Fantasy VI Fans

They shove how it's the best game in the series down your throat, and they insult, bully, or even send death threats if you don't think this is the best one! Not to mention the Kefka fans who worship the ground he walks on! And you all thought VII had a bad fandom? VII's fandom is like Kirby's fandom in comparison to VI! They ruined VI for me! Oh well, I thought VII and VIII were better anyway. - Kefka

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