Top 10 Fanbases that Destroyed the Things They Loved

These fanbases destroyed the image of the thing they love so much

The Top Ten

1 FNAF Fanbase
2 Minecraft Fanbase
3 Undertale Fanbase
4 Sonic Fanbase
5 Roblox Fanbase

The definition of cancer is this fanbase - christangrant

6 Sword Art Online Fanbase
7 Creepypasta Fanbase V 1 Comment
8 Anime Fanbase
9 Pokémon Genwunners

I like pokemon but the fanbase is pretty annoying. If you even say the slightest thing of their beloved "masterpiece" (dude, nothing is perfect or a masterpiece and It's all just based by your own personal preferences. Even I can't say my favourite, Madoka Magica is a masterpiece, even that anime has a high rating in MAL because I have to know others may dislike It) they will throw a tantrum at you. And they'll say that every other anime is terrible. - MLPFan

These guys are so annoying, they go like, 'OEOEOEEEWW, their ArE 151 poKEmOn OnLy' - TwilightKitsune

10 PC Master Race Fanboys

The Newcomers

? Victorious Fans

The Contenders

11 Call of Duty Fanboys
12 Luigi Fans
13 Nintendrones
14 Cartoon Network Fanbase
15 Lion Guard Fandom
16 Liv and Maddie fans
17 Valve Fanboys
18 Lion King Fandom
19 Furry Fandom
20 Balto Fandom
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1. Undertale Fanbase
2. Sonic Fanbase
3. FNAF Fanbase
1. Minecraft Fanbase
2. Luigi Fans
3. Call of Duty Fanboys
1. FNAF Fanbase
2. Roblox Fanbase
3. Minecraft Fanbase



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