Top 10 Fanbases I Can't Stand

Most Fanbases are ANNOYING, I've listed some I can't stand.

The Top Ten

1 Wendy O. Koopa Fans

Trolls. Need I go on!? - ToadF1

2 Waluigi Fans

They spam Memes, rub the Character in orhers' Faces, hate on far better Characters (Because they're jealous). God they are complete Spammers - ToadF1

3 Game Theory Fans

Treat Mario like the Bad Guy and Luigi like he's a God - ToadF1

4 Tails Fans

Oh please. Just stop it. Tails is a good character and people have the right to like him if they want to. Don't like? Then don't look. Simple as that. No need to tell them to shut up nor you be an immature brat about it. Okay?

They won't shut up:
"Tails is a good Character, Tails can fly, Tails saved Sonic, Tails this! Tails that! " - ToadF1

5 Sonic Fans

Complain a lot, and the Fanart is Ridiculous, particularly the Cream R34 - ToadF1

6 Female Fans

Not to be Sexist though - ToadF1

7 Porn Fans
8 Shipping Fans

Crack Crossover Pairings - ToadF1

9 Nostalgia Fans
10 Undertale Fans

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