Top Ten Fandoms That Aren't That Bad


The Top Ten

1 Pokemon Fans
2 Goku Fans
3 Kirby Fans
4 Vocaloid Fans

I love vocaloid

5 The Loud House Fans
6 Hetalia Fans

Its really good

7 Twilight Sparkle Fans

I know Rainbow Dash fans are bad but Twilight Sparkle fans are nice. I have actually met them. - TwilightKitsune

8 Hinata Hyuga Fans Hinata Hyuga Fans

Hinata Hyuga might be a bit overrated but she's not bad. - TwilightKitsune

9 Bronies Bronies

I'm sorry. It's just creepy to me to know that there are 6-foot 200-pound hairy men that collect pink little ponies. - RobertWisdom

Most haters take the fandom as a whole. They should focus ONLY on the people they're dealing with

I'm A Brony - JPK

10 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Fans

The Contenders

11 Blaze the Cat Fans

Except that one guy who says Blaze is his wife.

12 Rarity Fans
13 Star Fox Fans

Unlike the 64 fanboys, we at least go into a new Star Fox game with an open mind.

14 Rouge the Bat Fans

Not really. Rouge has a bad fanbase, especially the crossover shippers.

15 Rainbow Dash haters

I Respect Their Opinions - JPK

16 Touhou Fans

The effort touhou fans put into their work is amazing, I love the touhou fandom with whole my heart

17 Mangle Fans

I like Mangle, she's very underrated. - TwilightKitsune

18 Pearl (Steven Universe) Fans
19 Lisa Simpson Fans

i agree

Lisa simpson is awesome

20 Zootopia Fans

Nope. The majority of that fandom puts the Frozen fandom to shame with their over insistence that this is the best Disney movie ever, crying and whining when anybody disagrees about it being the best ever or even makes a valid constructive criticism, being way too attached to that rabbit, not acknowledging other Disney movies and characters, insisting on its "originality" when it does things other movies before it have, and being far too defensive. Also a lot of them are Tumblrinas and social justice warriors.

21 Rainbow Dash fans

Most dash fans are not nice, but moops I think you are one of the nicer dash fans because you stay cool and you do not send death threats to haters, just reasons to like her.

Hey moops Dash fans, no offense are the worst fanbase. Do you know one time someone said he wanted all the haters to die (things that should happen to rainbow dash) even though they did nothing to him.and whenever kitsune says no offense to them they bully her even more

As Much As I Love Rainbow Dash, This Kinda Doesn't Belong Here Because 73% Of Her Fans Aren't That Nice - JPK

22 Star Fox 64 Fans

You shouldn't blame folks for liking a good game that inspired not only the newer Star Fox games, but also many other later games as well. (Thanks to the Rumble Pak that became a controller's standard in future consoles) It's also one of the best selling N64 games of all time.

23 Danganronpa Fans
24 Furry Fandom

I tried making this point to my mom once... It did not work.

25 Meg Griffin Fans
26 Gumball Watterson Fans
27 Undertale Fans

You haven't seen Animal Jam Undertale role players, have you?

28 Hilda Fans
29 Anime Fans
30 Yo-kai Watch Fans

If people would just play the games, then they'll see its not a pokemon ripoff.

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