Top 10 Fandoms to Start With

new in the fandom world? here are 10 Fandoms to check out

The Top Ten

1 Directioners Directioners

The One Direction fandom - That_Creepy_Girl

2 5sos fam

That is the five seconds of summer fandom and "fam" is a short for family - That_Creepy_Girl

3 Crybabies

If you don't know what that is that is the Melanie Martinez fandom - That_Creepy_Girl

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4 Halsey Halsey

Well her Fandom doesn't have a name - That_Creepy_Girl

5 The Clique

There are other names for... the Twenty One pilots Fandom (they have a ton of memes waiting for you) - That_Creepy_Girl

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6 The Phandom

Well they don't sing but they are youtubers the one and only "Dan and Phil" well there are three channels "danisnotonfire", "Amazingphil" and "Dan and Phil games" - That_Creepy_Girl

7 Mixers

Which are the "Little Mix" Fandom - That_Creepy_Girl

8 Selenators

Of course the Selena Gomez's Fandom - That_Creepy_Girl

9 the KatyCats

The Katy Perry Fandom - That_Creepy_Girl

10 Arianators

The Ariana Grande Fandom - That_Creepy_Girl

The Contenders

11 Metalheads
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