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61 The Maze Runner Fans V 2 Comments
62 Off Fans


63 Emo Trinity

We're going down down in an earlier round, so long and goodnight and don't forget to close the damn door

Wait do they mean panic at the disco

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64 Yandere Simulator

The yandere fandom does get very creative with how they view each character and the game allows a lot of freedom for that at the moment.

Nope, to be honest, the fandom was annoying the developer for a while.

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65 Paramore

This band rocks.

Omf I love paramore help

66 Loki's Army

It should be on the first place

The best oh my

Yes! Loki's army is the best and don't forget how amazing the hiddlestoners are


67 Merlians

Haven't seen Merlin in a long time, but I remember it was pretty great. I honestly didn't know there was even much of a fandom for it, though. It's one of those shows that nobody really knows about it, but when they see it, it's like, "oh that was actually pretty good."
I think the show should get more credit, but that's just my opinion.

68 The Vampire Diaries

It's really great, but sometimes the way the show goes is not so interesting, but the characters are fantastic

I'm surprised that this wasn't on the list in the beginning it is a great show

It's such a great show and it should have a fandom name for sure

Number 1 all the way

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69 Dungeons and Dragons

The fandom is pretty chill! There's beautiful art made by the community, people are respectful and nice online, and there's so many amazing ideas coming from all of the people in it - strange for a popular media. - introvertedextrovert

These people are so awesome.

I love D&D! It's such an amazing game.

70 Gundam Fandom
71 Beliebers

Who put this on this list?

Seriously... Who the hell put this here... -. -

Who the hell would vote this? This is one of the mosr annoying "Fanbases" ever.

Justin Bieber is THE BEST PERSON ON EARTH, and beliebers won the iheart radio awards as the best fandoms. So all the fandoms ( SWIFTIES) are the worst. 😘😘😘😘 Justin Bieber + Beliebers = The World 🌎

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72 Over the Garden Wall Over the Garden Wall Over the Garden Wall is an American animated television miniseries created by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network.

I absolutely love this show! It is beautifully done and creative, the fandom is peaceful most of the time.

Infinite eyerolls is America's favorite power couple!

73 Psych
74 Lovatics

This is probably the biggest fandom. The journey Demi has been on is inspiring

75 Mixers

As far as I've seen, the members of this fandom are THE BEST, and really supportive, and not at all nasty. Trust me, I've been part of countless fandoms.

76 The Elder Scrolls
77 Firebreathers (Imagine Dragons)

Everyone of their songs is AMAZING

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78 Magcon Family

They have no real talent

When the first Magcon ended, fans were devastated but about a year later, returning members Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, and Carter Reynolds returned better than ever with special guests Jacob Sartorius, Daniel Skye, Christian Delgrosso, and others. No matter what happens, Magcon fans are always loyal.

Theeyy suck


79 Teen Titans Go

This is true teen titans go have more mature fans then the teen titans fans and the saddest part most of the teen titans fans are adults or teenagers

Is there one? Never saw any on the internet. don't have problems with people that like it, is just that IT REPLACED YOUNG JUSTICE! I CANNOT FORGIVE THE SHOW BECAUSE OF THAT.

I know this sounds weird but the TTG fandom is of the most mature fandoms I've seen. Seriously, just go to the wiki. The fans are generally very friendly and actually very respectful of other's opinions - TwitchandVinegar

The show sucks, but at least most of the fans can control themselves and they act mature.
Except for the ones who draw Robstar porn...

80 Firefly

How are beiber fans above this cult show.

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