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101 The Lunar Chronicles

Amazing books. Diverse characters, plenty of action, and shows that girls CAN be fighters, but don't have to be if that's not who they are. I think that's missed a lot in YA. Also, they're fairytale retellings IN OUTER SPACE. WITH HOT GUYS. What's not to like?

I am so sad that this is not higher on the list, the books and characters are amazing in their individual ways. It gives me hope and that is all there is to say.

102 Five Nights at Freddy's

Many people often think this fandom is only bad and no good, which is honestly a lie. Its really not that hard to find a fan who isn't insane about it, I myself am a fan of the game. If you don't believe me then I'm not going to type anything on here to try to change your mind because, opinions are simply opinions, but I do hope more people will eventually notice the Five Nights at Freddy's fandom isn't as bad as many people make it out to be.

The fandom used to be bad, it's getting better.

I love this fandom. I will admit my favorite and only ship is Fangle. But what I hate is that people will judge a group from the two bad things they have seen. Instead, why not look at the good side of the fandom or any fandom before judging. Like furries are classified as pervs and people judge them from the one video/picture/fanart they have seen. I looked up furry on google images risking I being scarred for life and they did not have any disgusting things. So I figured that these people have seen these by adding the disgusting part for their own reason then hated the fandom because of it. Look at the good side once and then judge it.

There are two types of fans,the MLg pros who play the game to night five six or seven and then there are the dicks who ship the characters NOT COOL other then that the game is number #1

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103 Arianators
104 Evanescence Fandom
105 Black Mirror

One of the most intriguing shows I have ever watched

106 Open Hexagon

One of the most peaceful communities I've been in. Small,but quiet. Drama is very rare in it. The people in it are generally helpful and supportive. Not to mention flooded with creativity and no perverted rule 34 crap. - Epicsauce45

107 War Thunder Live

Favorite fandom ever. - P-51IsDaBest

108 Pearl (Splatoon) Fans
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