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1 Giantess Undyne X Alphys: Fetishistic Boogaloo - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
2 Snape X Teletubbies - Harry Potter
3 Meteor Riding - Thirty H's (Harry Potter)
4 Giantess Alphys X Undyne: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
5 Ridley Getting Samus "Praegnent" - Metroid High School (Metroid)
6 Gordon Freeman Frontflipping Out Of The Sky - Full Life Consequences (Half-Life)
7 Ebony's Full Name - My Immortal (Harry Potter)

It's Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way for reference

8 The Desserts - Thanksgiving Thrills (Resident Evil)
9 No John, You Are The Demons...And Then John Was A Zombie - Repercussions Of Evil (DOOM)
10 Torture Scene - Cupcakes (My Little Pony)

Kinda Gross Though

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11 Understanding - Long Kiss Goodnight (Resident Evil)
12 Milkshakes! - TAWOG Quickiez (The Amazing World of Gumball)
13 Alphys Hijacking Undyne's Brain - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
14 Undyne Hijacking Alphys' Brain - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
15 Dumbledore Kicking A Planet In Half - Thirty H's (Harry Potter)
16 Jack Having A Gay Date With The Doctor - Quote's Bad Hair Day (Cave Story)
17 Jack And King In A Hot Tub - Jack Has A Thing For King (Cave Story)
18 Alphys Dates Francis - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
19 Alphys Is A Psycho - Alphys Höek (Undertale)
20 Bathroom Scene - Dipper Goes To Taco Bell (Gravity Falls)
21 Verbal Wrestling - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
22 Dr. Andonuts' Rage - Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
23 Lemon Bread Skewering Undyne - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
24 Alphys Going Down Undyne's Intestines Like A Water Slide - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
25 Snap and Loopin, The Masticaters - My Immortal (Harry Potter)
26 Giantess Undyne Unbirths Alphys - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
27 F***slayer's Transformation - Thirty More H's (Harry Potter)
28 Lucien Murders Draco - Thirty More H's (Harry Potter)
29 Cyborg Voldemort - Thirty More H's (Harry Potter)
30 Undyne Recieves A Phone Call From Alphys While Literally Inside Of Her Ear Canal - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
31 Alphys Threatening To Violently Tear Undyne's Brain Apart From The Inside With Her Bare Hands - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
32 The Entire Earth Becomes Encased In Chocolate - Thirty H's (Harry Potter)
33 Drinking Weights And Lifting Beer - David The Gardevoir Killer (Pokémon)
34 Friendship Punch - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
35 How Alphys Came Up With Lemon Bread's Name - Alphamalg Origins (Undertale)
36 The Massacre - Sweet Apple Massacre (My Little Pony)
37 Alphys Worshipping Asgore's Feet For A Living - Alphys Höek (Undertale)
38 Don't Whiz On Mettaton's Laptop - Alphys Höek (Undertale)
39 Alphys Talking To Her Mew Mew Kissy Cutie DVD Case - Alphys Höek (Undertale)
40 Sans The Meme God - Ask Frisk And Company (Undertale)
41 Sans X Sans - Undertale

What The Hell?

42 Holy Hand Grenade - Quote's Bad Hair Day (Cave Story)
43 Jack VS Misery - Quote's Bad Hair Day (Cave Story)
44 The Great Moldy Slime - Cave Story vs IM Meen (Cave Story)
45 He Roars A Mighty Roar As He Fills My Butt With His Love - Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life (Shrek)
46 Undyne Worshipping Alphys' Brain - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
47 Alphys and Undyne tickling each other's uvulas - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
48 An Alphamalg Sleepover - Alphamalg (Undertale)
49 Shadow X Amy Necrophilia - Sonic The Hedgehog
50 Sonichu - Sonichu (Sonic The Hedgehog)
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