Top Ten Fanfiction Stories by Keyson

I've been a writer on Fanfiction for ages, in fact since long before joining The Top Tens. Why didn't I think of this list earlier? What are you waiting for? Go and read my stories now! You won't regret it!

The Top Ten

1 Artemis Fowl and the Power of Love

This is the first story I read of Keyson's. Beautiful. It melted my heart. The others are just as fantastic, trust me! - Britgirl

Romantic short story for those ones who really enjoy love stories. - keyson

2 Spyro and the Love Triangle

A funny romantic adventure story that is worth reading if looking for fun and romance. Plot: An incident in a dark tunnel confuses Spyro and he's got to deal with Ember, who is mad for him even though he is with Cynder.
Sequel of Spyro and the Dimensional Paradox but could be read first. - keyson

3 Love and Loneliness from a Pure Heart's Point Of View

This poem is an amazingly heartfelt piece of writing :) I really love it! - Britgirl

This is a piece of poetry as written by an hipotetically lone Neville Longbottom. - keyson

4 Rudolph and Zoey's Love Story

This is a one-shot romantic encounter between Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer from the 1998 movie and Zoey. This is my favourite fictional couple, so I kinda needed to write something of the sort. - keyson

What Zoey?

5 Spyro and the Dimensional Paradox

Spyro has been defeated by Malefor. Spyro from the original series travels through a portal to TLOS dimension to stop Malefor from becoming the master of everything. - keyson

6 The Legend of Spexie

In a dystopian universe, it is hard to resist evil. Hope is a privilege of few and hopeless must make a living with what they have. Hunter is one of those privileged. He would do anything to help Spyro on his purpose, so, to do that, he must get Raskmut the Ape killed. To do this, he hires a legendary mercenary: Spexie. But, is she trustworthy? Who is her really? - keyson

7 Spyro and the Infinite Love Search

One chapter story. I made my best. Firstly intended to be the finale of my saga, but now my farewell from Spyro's fanfiction world, at least for now. Second chapter is nothing more than a clarifying for a wrong possible misinterpretation of the story, and my Goodbye to you as well. I really appreciate you reading and reviewing these years. So long, Spyro fans! - keyson

8 Pootis Spencer Here
9 Hair

hat fic

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