Top Ten Fanfiction Warrior Cat Mates

If a tom name and she-cat name go together, they can be mates.

The Top Ten

1 Featherwind and Ripplesplash

Featherwind: She would be a white she-cat with silver flecks and blueish-silverish eyes.
Ripplesplash: He would be a grey tabby tome with blue-grey paws, tail and green eyes.
Clan: RiverClan
Kits: Shadeflower (black tabby she-cat with fern-green eyes), Silverwish (silver tabby she-cat with pool-blue eyes) and Aspencreek (light-brown tabby she-cat with a white chest, underbelly, tail-tip and paws with green eyes)
Featherwind = Senior Warrior
Ripplesplash = Deputy
Shadeflower = Mentor to Stormpaw/breeze
Silverwish = Medicine Cat
Aspencreek = Queen, mother to Sweetkit/mist (tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes) and Snowkit/stream (white she-cat with a black tail-tip and black tipped ears with yellow eyes) - WoofWolf

2 Frostflame and Hailstrike
3 Rosedapple and Leafblade
4 Swanfeather and Hawkflight

Hawkflight is the main character's father in my story. :0 Fox the Rogue

I tend to admire ships that don't involve the 'same' prefix. Like... Swanfeather and Hawkflight. Swans and hawks are both birds. It's just better to be random in my opinion. Like... Whitewing and Birchfall. One name is about, well, a white wing and the other prefix, Birch- is a tree. Snowfur and Thistleclaw. One prefix is Snow- which is totally different from Thistle-. Bluefur and Oakheart. Bluefur's blue-gray pelt and Oakheart, as in the oak tree. Sorry I sound so confusing! -Bluefang of DawnClan

5 Mistycloud and Stormbreeze
6 Flamewing and Firestorm
7 Nightfeather and Darkfang
8 Vixenleap and Foxtail
9 Echolight and Smokeshade
10 Hazelfur and Dustcloud

The Newcomers

? Onxyfeather and Ivyclaw
? Blackshade and Wildfrost

The Contenders

11 Hawkfeather and Mapleshine

This sounds so good. - Swiftdawn

These names are absolutely gorgeous! (Especially Mapleshine)

Hawkfeather: dusky brown tabby tom with gleaming amber eyes and a scar down the side of his back.
Mapleshine: calico she-cat with black tipped ears and black tail-tip with "shining" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) green eyes
Kits: Snowlily (white she-cat with black flecks and green eyes) and Sweetflower (calico she-cat with warm amber eyes)
Clan: ShadowClan
Hawkfeather = Warrior
Mapleshine = Warrior
Snowlily = New Warrior
Sweetflower = New Warrior - WoofWolf

12 Iceflower and Darkstorm

Des. for Iceflower: Small and slender white she cat with small grey speckles and sky blue eyes. In Tundraclan.

Des. for Darkstorm: Big, muscular black and dark grey tabby with dark blue eyes. In Caveclan.

Kits: Shadowkit(paw/cloud), in Caveclan. Whitekit(paw/fang), in Tundraclan. Twokit(paw/heart/star), in Tundraclan, and sometimes Caveclan.

Des. for Shadowcloud: Black she-cat with small dark grey speckles and dark blue eyes.

Des. for Whitefang: White she-cat with light grey tabby stripes and sky blue eyes.

Des. for Twoheart/star: Tom with upper half of body white, and lower half black. One eye sky blue, other dark blue.

13 Tigerwhisker and Whiteflower

I'm seeing my fanfiction's ship.
Names: I like cats whose names don't really relate (like what Bluefang said). For the prefix...Tiger and White. Barely the same. Tiger is an animal, and White is a color. Now for the suffix. Whisker and Flower. Whisker is a cat's body part, and Flower is a plant. However, if Oliveleaf rated this ship, Tigerwhisker x Whiteflower would be a total bummer. :3 Fox the Rogue

Tigerwhisker-Dark brown and white torbie tom with Deep Green Eyes
Whiteflower-White shecat with gray and silver calico markings with Blueish-Silverish eyes
They started loving each other late apprentice time, when they got them warrior names they just went for it. Whiteflower’s first litter was Silvershade and Tigertooth. They tried again this time little Squirrelkit died being born, her siblings Foxwhisker and Robinheart made it. Tigerwhisker thought it was Whiteflower’s fault. Tigerwhisker blindly led Whiteflower out to the woods and KILLED HER! Tigerwhisker told the clan “Fox attacked us.” A day later Robinheart saw her father’s fur between Whiteflower’s Claws. He was banished and was killed my a badger moons later.
Long and sad, thanks for your time

14 Ivypelt and Poisonclaw
15 Foxblaze and Badgerflame
16 Rookpelt and Petalwing

The first name's suffix was just a stand-in, since I have not decided his warrior name. But these two (if I do say so myself) have an interesting backstory and have three kits together: Cinderpaw, Rainpaw and Shrewpaw. Cinderpaw (the she-cat of the litter) falls in love with Rook's enemy's son, Pinefang.

17 Blazeheart and Dappleleaf
18 Rainears and Jayfrost
19 Turtlepelt and Moonwhisker
20 Sunheart and Crystalbreeze
21 Snowfall and Flintspark
22 Daisystorm and Brackenspots
23 Sunfire and Moonwatcher
24 Nettlespring and Brambleheart
25 Flowerleap and Flamestrike
26 Lightningclaw and Icemoon
27 Wolfhowl and Eaglewing

This is my own mate, Eaglewing. I just want to know if this relationship will be okay. (Wolfhowl)

28 Miststorm and Gorsepelt
29 Lilyfrost and Brackenpelt
30 Lilyfrost and Oakpelt
31 Oakdapple and Duskwhisker
32 Petalfall and Lionclaw
33 Poopymeow and Pewter
34 Splashear and Pearlheart

(I made them up :D)

35 Ducktooth and Otterwish

(made em' up too I have so many lol)

36 Goldwing and Gingerfur

(made em' up too LOLOLOLOL)

37 Ravenwing and Bluefrost

(I made em' up too :D)

38 Dottedsky and Moonclaw

(I made so many up )

39 Stormbird and Sootcloud

(ik Stormbird has been made by someone else but stil)

40 Braveheart and Limeshade

(I made so many)

41 Duskclaw and Hazelpelt

(This could be meh last because no space)

42 Lightwhisker and Falconflight
43 Stoneheart and Honeypetal

Stoneheart-Gray Tom with darker gray spots and tail with Light Amber eyes, Honeypetal-Honey Yellow shecat with bright white belly, ears, muzzle and paws with Bright Blue eyes
(I love these names free for anyone to use) (Just don’t fight for them there for anyone)

44 Rosedapple and Stoneshade

Rosedapple-Rose colored she cat with gray tail and muzzle and white paws and ears with Golden Eyes; Stoneshade-Black and Gray torbie with some white in the fur with Dark almost black brown.
In my opinion great names

45 Silvermist and Wildfire

Silvermist: Sleek silver she cat with darker laws

Wildfire: Gray tabby tom with ginger flecks

46 Wolffur and Ivyflight

Wolffur- Black she-cat
Ivyflight- Calico she-cat
yes, this is a gay couple

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