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1 Amberstorm Amberstorm

She seems like a cat with raging amber eyes -- scary, but beautiful

Why is charizard here

What moron put Charizard here?!

Pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes, a tabby pelt with flame-colored stripes, and a scar right across her right shoulder. - GoldenstripeofLeafclan

2 GingerSpash

Love it! Very professional.

Is this supposed Gingersplash? - Swiftdawn

Gingersplash! I like it a lot

Just random news... my dog is a labrador and his name is Ginger lol lmao ik so random don't mind still I love warriors this is a beautiful name

3 Fawnleaf

This name is beautiful! I'm imagining a chestnut she-cat medicine cat with a white belly, white paws, and white-tipped tail, with large dark eyes.

No offense, but sounds like a really old she cat elder - BloodFang

I think fawn leaf would be a light-brown she-cat with white spots and white around her muzzle who is quiet but smart she is the one to go to when you have a problem. She is peaceful and does not like to battle unless she is protecting her family or friends. Very loyal and beautiful she is loved by toms but is to shy to take a mate.

I imagine a brown cat with a light brown belly she has white paws and a white tail tip. I imagine her to have green or yellow eyes. She is a sweet cat but can be be snappy and I think she would like to be a warrior so she can be a queen.

4 Snowsight

I imagine a sweet, ditsy pure white tom who was blinded by a fox.

I liked your sentence, like Snowsight was sweet and calm, ditsy pure white tom. Then you said who was blinded by a fox which broke my heart...fix up that part please! - BloodFang

Sounds kinda like a landscape painting. - Firemist

I think Snowsight would be a beautiful white she-cat with light clear blue eyes and a scar over her eye, causing her to be blind in it. She would have a mate and one kit.

Beautiful! I imagine a ruffled, long legged, white she cat with a plumed tail and one pale blue, nearly white, blind eye and the other eye is an icy blue.

5 Nightsea

Nightsea...Nightsea...I never get bored of reciting this name. It's so beautiful! I imagine Nightsea to be a jet black she-cat, sleek and mysterious, quiet, and has a dangerous side as well as a loving side. Nightsea will always be watching...

It should be Seanight.

I like this name I'll probs use it in my fanfiction about BloodClan

I don't think the cats know what the 'sea' is, they call it sun-drown-place. But the name Nightsea is really pretty and it creates such a pretty image in my head of a swirling black sea in the middle of the night. It is deadly and dangerous, but so beautiful. (Like me lol) ---NQ

6 Flamepool


-Flame colored she-cat with dazzling blue eyes
-Flamepool is a calm, soft-spoken, kind, and a gentle she-cat

Wow this name is great but what is fanfiction - Leafshade

Me: Oh look the pools open!
Mom: It's red...
Me: I don't CARE!
*I dive into the pool figuring out its lava*
Me: OWW!
Lol I actually really like this one. - SilentShadow

I imagine a beautiful ginger tabby tom with green eyes. Most likely a kit of Crowfeather and Leafpool. - RowanFlame352

7 Laurelleaf

They know what laurel leaves are. - Firemist

Laurelleaf: beautiful brown tabby. Mate,Flamepool. Story so far... Laurelkit opened her green eyes. She was ready. She would be a... no, the best warrior that StormClan has seen. " Ambush! " Lunakit called, before landing on Laurelkit. "Stop playing and be ready to be apprentices today. I hope that Windleap is a choice for a apprentice." Leafheart growled. So if you wanna hear more, comment that you do!

Actually, this is a perfect name! Laurel is an actual plant, which has leaves. I'd imagine this cat to be a beautiful light brown tabby she-cat or tom, whatever you like better, with amazing, piercing green eyes that have the exact same color/hue as the plant!

This is a great name, I imagine a dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat and very dark green eyes, same colour as the plant laurel...

8 Angelwing

I picture a lemon yellow cat with rainbow speckles all over her so she looks like angel cake!

Can I use this? This is such a good name.
Angelwing- pale ginger she-cat with a white patch on her back
Angelwing- pure white she-cat with bushy fur on her back, blue eyes like an angel

I don't think the Warrior Ctas even know what a Angel is? - BloodFang

My besties and I play warriors and we made our own characters and I have never read fan fiction (neither has she) and this is the name she picked!

9 Cypressglade

Okay, I guess. Not my cup of tea, respectively. Would use it as a minor character's name though. - Frostrose

A silver she-cat with blue eyes. - RowanFlame352

Not my cup of tea - Blossomfrost

Nan. Not my style

10 Jadewhisker

Jade paw looked the dog in the eye not taking one blink, she charged at the dog managing to take a swipe at its nose. The dog whimpered but did not back down, the dog went in for the final kill with a powerful bite but jade paw dodged the bite and the dog only took a whisker. After the group of cats chased the dog off a clan meeting was held. "I would like to congratulate the hunting patrol for chasing off the dog, and jade paw, you fought like a true, true warrior, which proves that you should finally be one. Jade paw, you shall be known as jade whisker, representing the one whisker that the dog managed to grab of you

That is a great warrior name I think it would be a great cat her personality is like brave and strong! I was thinking bout what pelt color that would suit her and I was like crystal green eyes and a gray pelt with black stripes on her back and tail but that is up to you and keep the great work up!

Unique, pretty, and awesome. - RowanFlame352

You don't want people stealing it? Then don't post it idiot.


The Contenders

11 Kestrelflight


Kestrelflight is a newish character, this is probably just a coincidence. - Warriorcats

This is a new name I love it.

If someones TRYING to annoy me, stop. - KittiesCakeAndCookies

12 Spottedbird

I can see a sweet, curly furred, red, black, and white tom who is also a huggable teddy bear.

I can imagine a dilute calico molly with bright orange eyes who dreams of flying and is best at climbing trees in her Clan - Nightsnow

Similar to my cats Spottedfern and Spottedmoon. Cool - Leafshade

Similar to my character, Spottedwillow. - RowanFlame352

13 Owlmist

Stop yelling at KittiesCakeAndCookies! She wasn't even being rude about it.

Shut up KittiesCakeAndCookies, others could have thought up the same name as yours. Also fifth comment from mine, the same thing.

I KNOW RIGHT KittiesCakesAndCookies? These people are forever using my GOOD names like Icepool or Spottedfern etc.

KittiesCakeAndCookies Can you please just be quiet? Complaining won't do anything.

14 Lunawish

I have a cat called Luna. She is ragdoll cat (Google it if you don't know) and she is gorgeous. She may look delicate, but she is a feisty, adventurous, loveable kitty, with the bluest eyes. I think Lunawish would be a ragdoll, an ex- kittypet and the strongest warrior

Luna means the moon, but cats don't know that. They don't comely use wish as a name, either, but the name is cool otherwise - Leafshade

My cats name is Luna...a Black she cat with a fiesty personality and yellowish orange eyes

Jet-black she-cat with amber eyes and two gray paws. Fierce, loyal, sometimes a bit of a bully. Overprotective. Tries to keep calm.

15 Venomheart

What mother would name their kitten VENOMKIT

A cool name but kind of cruel to the cat. by the way what is fan fiction - Leafshade

I think of a cat who had a big quarrel with his dad about something and the cat ran away and renamed himself Venomheart. He then went back to the camp/clan/tribe and killed his father for revenge...

This name makes me think of a light brown tom with copper stripes and green eyes with a few battle scars. (When he dies, I think he might go to the Dark forest)

16 Falconwing

A dark brown tom, with striking blue eyes. He mated with Amberstorm who had two kits, Gingerkit and Fawnkit. They lived happily, but then Falconwing sister, Goldenpoppy, died of from a pack of rogues. Everyone grieved for her. Falconwing wanted to avenge his sister. He attacked cat from another Clan that came onto their territory. Soon, every cat, even his own family was afraid of him. He calmed down, and soon everything was back to normal. Goldenpoppy visits Falconwing in his dreams to make him happy. - Dawnheart

A black tom with ginger stripes and pale yellow spots. - SilentShadow

Love it, fiercely protective tom, will do anything for his family and clan

This is really cool my friend thought up hat name once.

17 Swiftsky

Maybe Swiftcloud would be better.

A bold, swift white pale tom - Leafshade

She a bold, kindhearted black she-cat with brilliant green eyes. She's tall and slender, with graceful long legs and a long tail. Swiftsky's respected by all of the clan's toms, and most she-cats are jealous of how beautiful she is, inside and out. She's caught the eye of a handsome dark golden brown tabby tom, and they become clone friends almost emmidiately. A short time later, they become mates, and Swiftsky give birth to three beautiful kits. They live happily until their dying breaths.

Aw good name! Def using for my fan fic! I think it's a blue-gray she-cat with plotches of black and white. She's short and SUPER fast! She's in Windclan..! - SilentShadow

18 Badgerstripe

Yes. - Leafshade

Badgerstripe would be a large black tabby tom with white stripes across his face, one long stripe going along his back, a white belly, and a very short tail. He'd have dark, deep amber eyes, and a nick in one one of his short ears. Much better than the names above.

This is such a great name and fits in more with nature than the rest

This is, like, the ONLY actual realistic warrior name! I mean, cats don't even know what blades are! Idiots! But, I like Badgerstripe.

19 Goldenpoppy

Bright Golden she-cat with grass-green eyes. She has unusual patterns on her pelt, and one on her left foreleg looks like a poppy. She has faint dapples all over her body, and a black muzzle, and her right foreleg is pure white. She was named Goldenkit because of her golden fur, and was named -poppy because of the strange marking on her left foreleg.

Goldenpoppy should be a dappled golden she-cat with pale amber eyes. A loving, sweet medicine cat named after the time she fell into a deep sleep from poppy seeds. Even though she wants a mate and kits, she resists acknowledging her Clan (SkyClan) needs her.

Sounds like a graceful, bubbly she-cat. A cat whom is always cheerful and finds the good in things. I think maybe she would have a golden yellow pelt with a white underbelly and muzzle, also she would have emerald green eyes. I love this name!

20 Blazingfall

WOW! This name is awesome. It's really close to my name, (but I can't say it, afraid of stealers) but this is really good. Almost as good as me! I picture this -
Blazingfall is a pretty cream she-cat with a red streak up her spine and green eyes. She is very smart, but she is a bit short sighted. She really likes blackbird, but she hates the taste of rabbit. She can swim, which is unusual, considering she grew up in ShadowClan. She rose to the position of deputy, and became leader. She had kits, Stagleap, Icewren, and Rabbitfur, (which is ironic considering her hate of rabbits.) She died saving some elders from a fire, and always loved her clan from above.

Ooo this name is cool - Leafshade

I imagine a light ginger colorpoint tabby she-cat, her legs are darkly ginger striped as well as her face and ears ; also a fluffy tail whilst the rest of her fur is shorthaired I imagine her eyes to be pale Amber lined with lime green

21 Whitehawk

White Tom with feather bracelets on his paws. Raised by a hawk. He is currently in Skyclan. His kits are Fernkit, Goldenstorm, Pinepool, Ellie, Darkfang, and Eaglesky. Mind if I use these names?

It's pretty. I would use it for a tom's name. He sounds good and evil at the same time... I'm thinking Whitestorm, Clawface, and Hawkheart. I see Whitehawk as a pure, snowy-white tom with a black mask. He has icy blue eyes and a long, dark brown tail. He would be vicious, intimidating, intelligent, and doesn't think much before acting. Even like this, he would always be kind towards his seven younger siblings from his mother's other litters including his own brother and sister; Blackstripe and Frostheart. When he was a kit, Whitehawk would play energetically just like any other kits. When Frostkit was sick, he would wait patiently at the medicine den for her to heal. He picked up information on herbs like celandine or poppy seeds or raspberry leaves. At his apprenticeship, he refused to come forward when Frostkit had started coughing and instead let her lean onto him and receive the name Frostpaw. As an apprentice, Whitepaw started to get more competitive and fierce with the warriors. ...more

WhiteHawk is a pure white cat that has black tips of fur all around her back and paws. She has silver feathery marks around her watery blue eye. Her mother died at Whitekit's birth and her father died in battle. So as a kit she was smothered with questions and cats all talking and discussing at once. IceTail took care of her, but what Whitekit really wanted to do was find her parents. She didn't know they were gone. Soon enough she became an apprentice with the name WhitePaw. She didn't listen though. The question nagged at her. Ivorywing her mentor asked her what was wrong, WhitePaw said " who were my parents? " Ivorywing knew she couldn't tell.
Later she went to Icestar the leader. WhitePaw pleaded. So Icestar finally did. Her father went out of control one day and killed Whitepaws mother. He then forced a dog onto the camp. Out of his trance by morning he realized what he had done. And left the camp forever. Icestar said " They loved you WhitePaw "

22 Stagleap

This was a warrior in ThunderClan when Goosefeather was a kit/apprentice and another Stagleap was a warrior in WindClan (like Blossomfrost said if you want to see this Stagleap read Tallstar's Revenge, a Super Edition, or Redtail's Debt, a novella. In Redtail's Debt he is not a main character but is mentioned in the book): mentored Sorrelpaw when Redtail was still alive. (No, not Sorreltail another Sorrelpaw.) Also as Blossomfrost said there is a Stagleap in SkyClan in the latest arc. Can't list them all here but in all I believe there are or have been 4 Stagleaps in all.

This is a real cat in Tallstar's Revenge

Check out Tallstar's Revenge and SkyClan in the latest arc. Two cats have already been named this - Blossomfrost

Sounds like a brown scruffy tom of shadow clan

23 Cherryswirl

Sounds like a very dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes and white swirl patterns all around her pelt. - GoldenstripeofLeafclan

I imagine her being a tortoiseshell and white she-cat who is gentle, but fierce when it comes to her kits.

Yeah Ice cream.. - SilentShadow

*smiles* - Frostrose

24 Shadeflower

I came up with this name already!
Shadeflower is a dark gray she-cat with dark blue eyes. She is a warrior of ThunderClan and the deputy. She becomes leader later on in her life.

I love this name so much,I wish I saw it before I voted to be honest. - Nightsnow


I picture a black she-cat with amber eyes and white paws. I also picture her having a white splash on her chest and three siblings. I could see her being graceful, and belonging to ShadowClan or WindClan. Nice Name. - GalaxyBurst

25 Tigercloud

I LOVE THIS! So original! - LarkSong

I LOVE this name! It's just so... original. I picture a brown tabby with dark stripes, sort of like Tigerstar, maybe. It could be a girl or either a boy but the prefix, tiger could be a tom and the cloud part could be a she. Either ones fine but this is a really great name.

Sounds like tigerstar and Poolcloud. BLEH

26 Robinwing

I like this but throughout the books, I've seen about 4 Robinwings

This cat is literally in the forth series :P

This is an actual name from Bluestar's Prophecy! It's very cool!

This name is nice! I'm thinking the cat who has this name has the colours of a Robin (bird).

1 Comment
27 Silentwish

I think this is a deaf she-cat and most likely a med cat

Its nice..I think I might use this - SilentShadow

Tortishell she cat with white spots
is caring and shy and someday wishes to have a family of her own

Nice name - Frostrose

28 Icewren

This is really original! I imagine a silvery grey she cat.Probably golden eyes, because I'm just obsessed with amber coloured eyes.

I imagine this as a large, silvery colored she-cat with a missing ear and sharp, green eyes that always seem to ring with scorn.

Nice name but never seen it

Meow, it good

29 Rosecross

*zips through list, freezes and scrolls back* Huh? - Blossomfrost


30 Eagleflight

Personally, I would imagine this cat as a dark brown battle hungry she-cat from ShadowClan with long talon-like claws, white markings and scars, and who is ruthless, ambitious, and manipulative.

This was a name I used in a roleplay once.

I like this name. I was going to make one of my OCs Eaglewing, but then I learned their was a Eaglewing! I think I will use this name.

I like this name

31 Fallenangel

Falleneangel. Seriously? - Blossomfrost

Cats don’t know what angels are. - Hermione_Granger220

Fallenangel is an great name for a sweet and kind cat:3

32 Deerstar Deerstar

The pic is cute - Leafshade

33 Frostrose

Honestly I was about to vote for Shadeflower but I saw this name and it immediately stuck to me.

Beautiful name! Seems sweet... - Frostrose

Not real, Rose isn't a suffix. But it's nice. Maybe Rosefrost? because Frost is a suffix? I don't know sounds weird but it's a very nice name

Cute! - Frostrose

34 Sunshadow

Sunshadow already exists. He was the first deputy of Shadowclan! - BloodFang

Wow this should definitely be higher on the list - Leafshade

Sunshadow already exists. For those who argue that he was Sun Shadow and not Sunshadow (for example my sister) well the cats in StarClan later changed their names to the proper Warrior names. - Blossomfrost

Awesome! Me mate! Owl x Sun

35 Lightninghawk

Very nice name for once

My clan name is lightningstar


36 Aurorasnow

Ah... Aurora's are beautiful and so is snow... WHEEZE - Bonnie_Fazbear

Aurora? I'm guessing this cat is a former-kittypet-turned-SkyClan-warrior. - Blossomfrost

37 Diamonclaw

I actually LOVE gem names.

I think the name is great but daimonclaw better stay away from minecraft players

I have rubyheart - Moonwing

Diamonds are beautiful, but the problem is that cats don't know what that is. Otherwise if they did know, that name is beautiful - lilydoestopten

38 Talonflame

Talonflame the warrior cat

Wait, fletchinder is evolving! It's a talonflame! Talonflame use Flamethrower!

This is legit a Pokemon...0_0

Lol Pokemon... RATATA, USE GNAW! *acts like a meek mouse and nibbles on bark*
out of nowhere, TALONFLAME BREAK! *swoops in and grabs me* -.- my life has ended-.-

39 Clawstorm

Imagine him as an apprentice. Clawpaw. Lol. - Hermione_Granger220

Billystorm's better than this. - Berrystumpytail

This is WAY better than Clawface. I picture a scarred cat with brown tabby markings on his pelt, and the Clan he should live in should be RiverClan.

This is kind of a lazy name. Are you sue the person who came up with this just thought, "Hey, let's make this cat SUPER EDGEY and give it lots of scars, make it black with red eyes, and then give it an EXTREMELY edgey name."

1 Comment
40 Duskclaw

I picture a white she-cat with dark grey paws. Her mate is Talonstorm and she has three kits, their names being Amberkit, Featherkit and Gorsekit. I could see her bing a WindClan or ShadowClan warrior for a number of reasons. - GalaxyBurst

I want to make this Duskpaw's warrior name! (he died in a fire)

I LOVE THIS NAME! I picture a pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes and a fierce personality. Her mate's name is Nightscar, and she has four, tiny kits. their names are Dawnkit, Moonkit, Cloudkit, and Sunkit. Dawnkit looks like her mother and is she-cat. Moonkit is a pale gray she-cat with gray speckles and amber eyes. Cloudkit is a white she-cat with pale amber eyes. And, finally, Sunkit, a cream colored she- cat with dazzling blue eyes. OK, BASICALLY THEY'RE ALL GIRLS! Oh, she had one kit that was a tom, but died at birth. His name was Dark-kit. Foxflight out!

41 Blazeflank

BlazeFlank is a ginger tom with a white muzzle and paws and a light ginger streak on his flank

Name: BlazeFlank
Gender: Tom
Rank: Warrior
Clan: LightClan
Mother: SunGaze
Father: GoldFoot
Littermates: 0
Mate: HeatherLeap
Kits: LeafKit,HazleKit - EchoSongTheGreatWarrior

42 Antleap

Wow this is a really cool name I like it - Leafshade

Just imagine when they will take over the world, leaping ants, or commonly known as, ANTLEAPS- Hickoryshine_Of_RidgeClan

Yay I love ants!

Wow. No. Just no. - Hermione_Granger220

43 Oakstripe

So cute! Could be a red tabby with tortoiseshell markings! He has one yellow stripe on his back!

Oakstripe seems like a name for a dark red tom with amber eyes, it's sounds very real and professional.

Oo! I like this one!
Name - Oakstripe
Rank - Deputy
Clan - WhirlClan
Mother - Suntail
Father - Mallowwing
Sister/s - Fernnose
Brother/s - Duckswipe
Looks - Oakstripe would be (in my opinion) a black she-cat with fierce, striking brown eyes with green-gold flecks in them.
Personality - Determind, fierce, professional, courageous, but has a soft spot for apprentices and kits.
Mate - Coalspots
Kit/s - Cherrykit and Buzzardkit - Swiftdawn

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Golden tom with brown stripes and amber eyes

44 Copperblaze

Love it!

45 Dewfrost

I love this name! It sounds so pretty! I could definitely see a she cat being called this! -Swiftspirit

Dewshine is good too - Leafshade

Dewfrost is one of my main characters.

46 MintDapple

pretty - Swiftdawn

Mint is one of my top five favorite prefixes, along with leaf, shade, fern, and moon although moon doesn't really go with the code. If u think about it, if Moon can't be a prefix silver shudnt be either, for Silverpelt. - Leafshade

47 Dawnfeather


48 Moonfeather

The Moon prefix is so under-used! I'd love to see it more in the books.

Heyyy! this is my name! I made it up before I even got on the second series! you mean people! - gymnastsofa

Such a pretty name! Why isn't this higher? - Leafshade

This is amazing. I'm going to use this but not in a fan fiction.

49 Iceflower

Okay - Blossomfrost

Nice. - Hermione_Granger220

Love it! One of the few names that isn’t lame and doesn’t exist in the books! people, back off! I’m claiming this. she was born in Streamclan with a sister named Grasskit. as an apprentice, a strange illness strikes the clan and Icepaw’s mother dies. Icepaw, her mentor Graycloud, Hawkpaw, Dewpelt, and Raincloud go on a journey to find the cure for the disease. Icepaw manages to find the cure, a Bright blue flower, on a hillside. when they return, they find that two warriors and the medicine cat apprentice have died, and many more are ill. they manage to save all of the warriors except one, the clan leader, Yellowstar. the new clan leader gives Hawkpaw, Foxpaw, Grasspaw, And Icepaw their warrior names. Iceflower is named after the flower that saved the clan. she and Grasspaw receive their first apprentices. She learns that Grasstail is expecting kits with Foxnose. Hawkfeather is Lilypaw’s new mentor. Grasstail has one kit named Redkit. It is discovered that he is blind in one ...more

50 WhiteFire
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