How to Make Your Own Warrior Name

Hi. I'm going to show you how to make a warrior cat name. For me, it actually takes a while to think of one.

Step 1: Brainstorm
Think of a few names that you might like. A good way to make warrior names is to go through the allegiances in the books for ideas. (One thing you need to know when making warrior names is that they need to have two parts.)

Step 2: Pick a prefix.
Find a prefix you like. They could have to do with plants, animals, colors, or any random thing you think of. You can either use a prefix that is already existing or make your own. Some examples of existing prefixes include: Fire, White, Leaf, Fox, Black, Sand, etc. Some examples of made up prefixes include: Swan, Scarlet, Phoenix, Blade, etc.

Step 3: Pick a suffix.
You can now look for suffixes you like. There are a lot of choices including: pelt, storm, leaf, claw, feather, wing, etc. You can also make up your own if you like.

Step 4: Join the prefix and suffix.
Add the two together and see how they sound. If they fit, then that is already considered an acceptable name. If they don't fit, try making another one.

Step 5: Make sure it doesn't already exist.
A lot of names that people think they make are already existing. To prevent this from happening, go on Warriors Wiki, and search up the name. If there are no results, then you have created a name.

Well, yeah. That's it, basically.


I don't think "Phoenix" is a good prefix. Cats don't know mythology. Anyways, grreat post - visitor