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181 Mistyshadow
182 Silverfeather

Longhaired silver tom with blue eyes

Love it. Reminds me of Feathertail and Silverstream put together.

That's like me and Jayfeather shipped... because we are. - Silvercloud

Silvercloud, please don't do canon and OC shipping, it's wrong, and he's a medicine cat. We all know Leafpool tried it, and look where that ended out.

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183 Moonfang V 2 Comments
184 Flametail

Um... You know Flametail is a real warrior cat name.

He is a real warrior. Read the books. Read the top ten saddest warrior cat deaths ( he is not in the top ten). He is a medicine cat.

Flametail is a real cat, he died drowning, and jayfeather tried to save him, and fireheart was firestar' s name before he was leader (duh! )

It does exist you know...

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185 Redstone

Minecraft! Teddy one sounds like a red tom and he has a wise brain - Bloomtail

Everyone says minecraft. I like it

Like Minecraft and sounds like a cool warrior cat name as well -Leaftail

He is a red pelted tom with stone grey eyes.
his sister purple hail fell in love with a cat from shadowclan. redstone was so angry at her for breaking the warrior code. eventually she snuck out more often and didn't spend much time with her brother. redstone set out on a quest to kill the tom his sister was in love with. he found out that the tom who she loved met her by the stream all the time. he jumped out of the bushes and killed him. then he realised that the black tom was his best friend- shadow whisker. he felt so deeply sorry and shocked that he killed his friend that he jumped into the river and drowned himself, wanting to see his friend again.

this is what I think his backstory is.
this is for all cats whom like a lot of gore
hope u enjoyed his life!

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186 Moonsteps

Awesome NAME! I picture a silver queen with a blue eyes

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187 Deathclaw

His claws are as strong as Scourge's reinforced claws, but is a loyal warrior of his clan.

A killer warrior worst than TIGERSTAR!

Out of all the edgey original characters, this has made the top ten. Please, just stick to simple, but unique names. I am one of the highest rated Warriors critics, and this is in acceptable.

Oops, not his mate, his love. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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188 Vixenheart

A russet tabby she-cat

189 Silverheart

A great grey cat with bluish grey eyes and a she cat

190 Iceshine

Did you know Iceshine is a brand of shampoo?

I'm thinkin' daughter of the clan leader, all the toms drool over her, and all the other she-cats are jealous! She is a good fighter, but has often been rescued by several different toms.
Sorry! What can I say, I'm a writer!

A white cat with light gray spots, green eyes

I love this name! Yay Iceshine!

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191 Frozenshadow

Oh my godric! (Sorry I'm a nerd. But I'm not sorry. Godric! ) I love this name! It is so mysterious. Maybe a white she-cat with a foggy looking belly and muzzle. He has bright blue eyes and a calm personality. But everyone sees him as a mean cat even though he's not.

Love it! SO, this must be the most mysterious cat in his clan, who at the end, saves everyone from a big warrior apocalypse or something and is a big hero!

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192 Nightshade

Nightshade is lucky; she's a poisonous plant, so if a fox or badger eats her, she'll be okay.

Nightshade is a type of poisonous plant.

I say a light gray tabby tomcat with light green eyes. Is kinda rude and snappy and doesn't have many friends.
I write, ok?

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193 Ravenflight

Okay this is a good name an all, but seriously, Ravenpaw never got a warrior name! He didn't get one because he left. He could have come back, but chose not to. Over. End of Ravenpaw.

This would be Ravenpaw's warrior name.

I would want ravenclaw to be his warrior name. To all the fans of Harry potter

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194 Mintwhisker

Speckled grey Tom with long whiskers. He is a great hunter and loyal to his clan.

Oh, <3
He is a grey tabby tom with handsome green eyes. He is a young warrior, and all the she-cats want him, but he isn't ready to take on a mate and kits yet. Loyal and strong.

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195 Softleaf

Softy! Milky-white she-cat with icy blue eyes. Beautiful and kind.

Hmm, sounds like milkweed! The name reminds me of summer, and dew drops, and just naturey stuff!

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196 Blossom Fire

A fierce she-cat with a fiery personality. I was thinking kind of like Tawneypelt. She knows when to be nice though. Blossomfire is a tortoiseshell she-cat with loud green eyes. You could spot her in the dead of night with those eyes

I already used this name for a Pegasus OC I made for another series..

Beautiful. The story line, I mean. I love the name as well, but the story is awesome! If I were Erin Hunter, and I was looking for new story ideas, I'd hire YOU!

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197 Flamestrike

Love the name! I imagine a big, strong ginger tabby tom with amber eyes! He should be deputy of his clan!

I love this!

198 Silverstone

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Fireclan
Silver she-cat with one silver eye and one blue eye

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199 Skyflight

A blue-silver she-cat with eyes that are a really intense green.

Off-white she-cat with deep blue eyes

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Fireclan
Grey-blue (with white patches) she-cat with blue eyes

200 Rosecloud

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Fireclan
Red-brown she-cat with amber eyes

Rosecloud is the name of one of the cats in my fanfic AND I LOVE IT. She's a dark cream she-cat with white paws, tail, and muzzle. She is one of Stormberry's kits with Rowanflame, and her littermates are Silverbirch and Wingfeather. She is an exellant fighter and hunter, and later saves Silverbirch's kits, Jadekit and Owlkit, when they are taken by rouges, with help from Stormberry and Tigerfrost, one of Stormberry's cousins. (takes a deep breath) One moon after she saves the kits, she has kits of her own, Gorsekit and Poolkit. Rouges attack their camp when they are one moon old, and demand the youngest litter of kits, but are defeated, and Rosecloud kills the rouge leader, scattering the group of rouges forever. Wow did I just write all of that

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