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221 Moonstream

Me"Moonstream your so pretty break the code to marry me! " - Bloomtail

I always imangined that the name Moonstream would be good for a medicine cat... - Flowersocks2137

222 Blossomleaf

It's an amazing name it sounds like a mixture of Blossomfall and Hollyleaf. A grey tabby she cat with a short temper and an outcast but has a mate and four kits

I like the name blossom, but I think that Blossompelt is better.

223 Nightblaze

Nightblaze. Sounds like a dark forest cat with a black pelt and red eyes.

A black she-cat with dark amber eyes. She has a very troubled life. Her dad is the evil Snakestar, and some cats don't think she should be part of ValleyClan

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224 Sunfeather

Picture this: an amber and fawn she-cat with golden eyes

225 Foxwind

I just love it! It's like a fox colored shecat who can run like the wind, but you can tell she has one or two flaws

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226 Pineriver

Red tom with really intense green eyes. A very loyal warrior who has a calm authority. Deputy of Lakeclan.

A light brown tabby Tom cat with unique small eyes and is fairly small.Lives beside a roaring river full of fish,his main food.Has no interest in love at the moment,wants to live life as it is and loves it.

227 Ashbreeze
228 Pencilclaw

So cute, but I would use it for a crazyclan or something like that. - princess bagelgobbler

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229 Dancingdawn V 2 Comments
230 Speckledream

"Dream" isn't a legitimate suffix

Dream is in Irish it is Aisling and that is a name which means Dream or vision. Something a medicine cat would receive often - HermioneGrangerHarryPotter

HermioneGrangerHarryPotter...It's not a legitimate suffix. Let me break it down for you, because you obviously don't understand. You aren't allowed to use it because it goes against the rules for naming a Warrior. Arschloch, translate that. It's German, there's a hint. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

231 Rosewater

I'm in love with this name.

I imagine long haired white cat (like a ragdoll) with a light ginger/pink tail with on light blue and one dark blue eye and scars on her chest, a "V" nicked in her left ear, a scar across her nose, and lastly a chipped front tooth.

232 Echoblaze

I really like this name. Its one of my favorite OCs, and I have made a story with her as one of the characters on FFN. I figured she would be a small dark gray tabby shecat, with black splashes and dark blue eyes. - InfiniteDawn

233 Hawkheart Hawkheart

This is a real cat in Tallstar's Revenge and etc.

Already a cat-Tallstar's Revenge - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

I love this name I see a brown tom from WindClan coming back from camp with a hawk in his jaws he sets it down and takes a rabbit as he turns his head to get fur out of his face you see a white heart mark his brother in known as Xclaw a black tom with green eyes and his sister known as Eaglepaw (She got hurt and her training was held back a little) a brown she-cat with a white head and blue eyes his mother had left him and his brother and sister in Windclan camp cause she did not want then She was a smoky gray she-cat of ShadowClan with the name Smokeheart The med cat SmokyWillow had found them and taken them into WindClan. - Marshmellow

234 Leafshade V 1 Comment
235 Sundapple
236 Roachfoot
237 Gleamstar V 2 Comments
238 Featherfrost

Featherfrost is Riverclans Medicine cat, her beautiful white and silver coat is almost always the first thing a tom would want to see when joining any clan. She broke the warrior code twice and her mate is Featherwind. She gave her kits to Leopardblossom. Her kits found out their mother was Featherfrost, and joined Thunderclan in disbelief. Many cats of Windclan died in the battle of Aurorasnow and Bloodclan because Featherfrost had hardly any herbs, and no cats to help her find some. Otterstar tried to kick Featherfrost out for not having any herbs, So Featherfrost told her leader that she would put deathberries in every prey in the moor if he didn't leave. Otterstar ran away for the safety of his clan, and Dewfire (Riverclan's deputy,) became leader. - KittiesCakeAndCookies

239 Ripplesplash
240 Fiercefang
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