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241 Juniperfrost
242 Kinkfeather

Sorry for posting on my own post, but I just wanted to share the backstory of Kinkfeather. I came up with this name while working on my Fanfiction, and I figured this would work as a good future Skyclan cat. The reason I like this name is because it sounds good for all Clans, Fanfic or traditional, and it works for toms and She-cats. Kinkkit (woah that name sounds weird) was kitted to Dawnflight and Birchclaw, along with her littermates Applekit and Pinekit. She is a Black She-cat with white specks all over her pelt and green eyes. Her father named her for the strange tufts of fur that, no matter how long Dawnflight would lick her, the tufts would never settle, so Birchclaw named her Kinkkit. As she was growing, Kinkkit was undershadowed by her littermates and would mostly listen to the elder's stories rather than play with other kits. Her parents worried about this and kept her away from the elders. Kinkkit was still unsocial, and so they decided it was her problem, not theirs. ...more

243 Fallenblaze
244 Streamsong

A very beautiful she-cat with sky blue eyes, pale grey with grey spots on her back. Sadly, toms out there, one lucky tom was lucky enough to win her, and his name is stormfur. - Shadedapple

245 Sandwing
246 Dustsky
247 Goldenwing
248 Poppyleaf

Maybe silver-tannish-pinkish she-cat with blind green eyes and a thin tail? Sounds good for med cat


It is Honeyleaf and Poppyfrost! I made this name too! Honeyfrost and Poppyleaf

249 Firestone

Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone.

Sorry, it's a brand and I can't get that commercial out of my head.

Bright orange Tom with amber eyes and black stone like pellets on paws

Fire pelted tom with stone coloured eyes! Maybe twins with firepelt...

Lazy as a stone and is the color of fire,

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250 Riverstripe

Beautiful brown furred she cat with black stripes, secret sister of Bramblestar. lives in RiverClan and is in love with Ashtail.

Can't use "River" because it is a clan

Love the name, description, and story set up! I love writing Warriors fanfic!

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251 Ashtail

Handsome black tom with a tail the color of ashes, is in love with Riverstripe

Again, same as Riverstripe, love the name, description, and story set up!
Thumbs up!

Handsome black tom cat with grey eyes in thunderclan, in love with Riverstripe

252 Squirrelkit

Midget kit, son of Ashfur and Riverstripe, has two sisters and a brother.

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253 Moonkit

White with a blue tint. is a half blind she kit, is sister of Squirrelkit.

Black she kit with shocking dark blue eyes

Yeah, I like Moonpetal!


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254 Foxkit

Orange fur, black paws, white belly, is sister of Squirrelkit

255 Squirrelstripe

Crap already a name... Squirrel... claw? (creator)

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256 Moonfur

Does everything around here start with moon?!

Laugh out loud that's my warrior name

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257 Foxfur V 2 Comments
258 Badgerfur V 2 Comments
259 Firebird (Pheonix)

Brother of Flametail is leader of Element Clan

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260 Huntingclaw

Gray-and-brown tabby with amber eyes, sometimes moody but still a good cat.

That a terrible name. HuntingKit? Who would name their kit that?

Black Tom with striking pale blue eyes
Has a thing for fighting but never appreciated his name since he had a terrible sense of smell, enabling him to hunt

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