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301 Grasstooth

Man, I can only imagine the bad taste in his mouth if his teeth are made out of grass!

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Fireclan
Black tom with long whiskers, a spiky tail and green eyes

302 Morningfoot

This is such a cute name! It reminds me of the name that I have been wanting to name a warrior for such a long time! I think Morningfoot should have a sister named "Melodybell"

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303 Hailfall

I used this name for one of my old stories

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304 Cherrycloud

A dark ginger (almost red) she-cat, white paws and belly, green eyes

LOVE IT! It would fit a red she cat with Amber eyes

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305 Badgerstep
306 Tallflower

A gray -almost blue- she-cat with a harmful past but finds out that Rosecloud, her sister, is a secretly deadly enemy to Frostclan

Whoever keeps putting "Father to Dignityheart and WolfFang and Dumbname #56, just stop. Nobody cares who your characters are and what their part in a family is.

Property of SPottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Earthclan
Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

307 Raveneye

I like this name a lot! That desription is kinda creepy, though seems very fitting, and would add to his personaltiy.
I imagine him as a glossy block tom with icy (hooray for overused adjectives! ) light blue eyes.

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Earthclan
Black tom with one eye, that is yellow (other eye was lost)

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308 Breezeleap
309 Ivyfeather

Pretty! I have an oc called IvySTEM. She's a former loner and is ThunderStrike's mate. She's a white she-cat with gray and ginger blotches. She has Amber eyes and a REALLY long tail. Her sister is SplashStream.

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Fireclan
Brown and black tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

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310 Ripplefang

The vicious RiverClan tom with a tabby pelt and icy green eyes (yeah I know. Icy green but they are! ) he loves battle but doesn't want to kill unless it is necessary. No one likes him becuase he is misunderstood.

This is the name of one of my ocs! He is a dark slate blue tom with a black undercoat and ice blue eyes.

-Shadowstar, formerly Shadowheart, leader of DragonClan

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311 Cinderfrost

I used this name for a book about cats! (It isn't warrior fanfiction though.)

I used this name too! It is so pretty!

Pretty! I think of her as a very fluffy, dark gray she-cat with a white chest, underbelly, paws, muzzle, and tail-tip. She also has huge, bright blue eyes. She is the daughter of Hollyfrost and Tigerblaze, and she is the sister of Echolight. She was named after her mother, who died in the Warrior Cats Hunger Games when she and Echolight were apprentices (sorry, I like crossovers). She is very innocent and bright, but she and her sister are Reaped for the Games... Mind if I use this?

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312 Violetsnow

Very pretty, maybe all white she-cat with purple eyes

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Pale golden she-cat with both grey and white spots (the grey spots are some what purple) and amber eyes

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313 Goldensplash

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Golden she-cat with one white paw and amber eyes

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314 Hazelfrost

Oh pretty pretty. An off-white she-cat with striking hazel eyes and a interesting personality. She isn't rude or nice, but yet a crossover of both. Just the right mix.

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Brown she-cat with white under belly, tail tip paws, ear tips, and amber eyes

315 Bramblehawk

An evil cats, because it's a mix of Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw.

Sorry, got a little carried away there.

Brambleclaw isn't evil, he is good

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316 Lilyheart V 4 Comments
317 Smokesplash

Wow. Smokesplash. I love it. Sigh sigh sleep. I'm sorry. I'm tired

I have an OC called smoketail she is a Pale grey she cat with a darker grey tail and ice blue eyes..her sister is named mintspots and her mother is named blackfrost and her father is names hollowpool

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318 Cedarshade V 3 Comments
319 Snowcloud

I think of a creamy-white, long furred shecat with silver flecks & bright blueish silver eyes

Pretty, my cat's called Snowleap, white she cat with silver patches and green eyes, daughter of Whitestorm and Willowpelt

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Long haired fluffy white she-cat with silver-blue eyes

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320 Littlewhisker

Onewhisker and Littlecloud. Two of my favorite toms of other clans besides

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Ginger tom with short whiskers and blue eyes

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