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321 Lilyheart V 4 Comments
322 Smokesplash

Wow. Smokesplash. I love it. Sigh sigh sleep. I'm sorry. I'm tired

I have an OC called smoketail she is a Pale grey she cat with a darker grey tail and ice blue eyes..her sister is named mintspots and her mother is named blackfrost and her father is names hollowpool

V 1 Comment
323 Cedarshade V 3 Comments
324 Snowcloud

I think of a creamy-white, long furred shecat with silver flecks & bright blueish silver eyes

Pretty, my cat's called Snowleap, white she cat with silver patches and green eyes, daughter of Whitestorm and Willowpelt

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Long haired fluffy white she-cat with silver-blue eyes

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325 Littlewhisker

Onewhisker and Littlecloud. Two of my favorite toms of other clans besides

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Ginger tom with short whiskers and blue eyes

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326 Blackstorm
327 Frostfall

I love this name, it reminds me of a she-cat with a white pelt that sparkles in the right light. I think of pale blue eyes and gray paws

V 2 Comments
328 Scorchblaze

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Airclan
Ginger tom with large grey patches and amber eyes

V 2 Comments
329 Hollythorn
330 Blizzardclaw
331 Puddlewhisker V 3 Comments
332 Feathershine V 2 Comments
333 Streamflow V 2 Comments
334 Featherheart

I imagine a beige shecat with incredibly light purple eyes. Known for her honesty, good looks, loyalty, and having a heart as innocent as a feather

335 Fogwind
336 Willowstripe
337 Poolshine

This is just a stunning name. It's so peaceful... I think of a silver tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes. She'd be a med cat who almost drowned in the moonpool (I apologize if I got too creative there lol)

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338 Crowstreak

This is an epic name for a fierce warrior. I see a dark tabby tom, a bit like Tigerclaw, slash on foreleg and a nick in his ear. Yet cool green eyes to show his gentle side and loyalty to Clan

339 Brindlewing

I love this name, but it reminds me of sad! Bad memories...

Brindleface. I still cry for you. And Brakenwing. Godric I loved her

Created by: Me
Clan: BrightClan
Grey tabby she cat with deep blue eyes. Four lives left.

340 Blossomspring
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