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341 Flashfur

I used Flashyfur for one of my projects. He's a Siamese with big ears and sleek fur.

A light colored cat with a tint of yellow in there. Is part of darknessclan

342 Petalstar

A grey she-cat with amber eyes, a long tail, and a torn ear. She is the leader of Snowclan.

Property of SheWolf999's clans

She is one of my ocs, too! Her warrior name was Petalbreeze, and she is the leader of FurClan. She is a light tannish with sky blue eyes. She is the sister of Fawnstar, the leader of DrownClan. Petalstar becomes evil for some reason, though.

A dark ginger she-cat with yellow eyes that gradiate to orange at the bottom of them. She is the leader of FurClan. She is also the sister of Fawnstar, leader of another Clan.

-Shadowstar, formerly Shadowheart, leader of DragonClan

343 Splashbreeze

A white shecat with blue eyes and no tail because the tail was torn off as an apprentice. Mate: Crowtail

Property of SheWolf999's clans

344 Stoneclaw

I think aqua berries are healing food in a video game

A tom with short grey fur and a stubby tail. His mate is Flowerstar

I used him as an oc! He was Mudflower's mate but died before she had his kits. The kits were Aquaberry&Snowcloud

345 Minnowpond

Mottled cream colored, Gray, and silver she cat, icy blue eyes. Is in soulclan. Yellowwhisker and Stonescrapes daughter.

A sleek calico she cat with light blue eyes, she is a medicine cat.

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346 Sunpool
347 Gorseclaw

Is a big stone gray Tom and his mate is sunpool. His kit is lionkit. He left snowclan to be with sunpool.

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348 Graytail

Is the deputy of treeclan. Mother to nightfur and patchpelt. Is Wight with gray ears and a gray tipped tail P.S. I love her!

349 Nightfur

Raven black shecat with light pink eyes and an ugly scar across her shoulder but otherwise a beautiful she cat

350 Patchpelt

Yes there's already cat called that. He's Tigerstar's uncle

You must not have read the books.. one of the elders of ThunderClan in like the FIRST BOOK

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351 Stormtail

Already a cat called that. He's Bluestar's father

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352 Lionfang
353 Hollypelt

Black she cat with white paws.

354 Russetfrost

Ginger and white she cat

355 Cinderflight

Light gray she cat is a med cat

356 Leafheart

Brown tabby she cat.

357 Tigerfang
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359 Fernfrost

A cute white she cat with ice blue eyes

360 Ravenwing

I don't think it should be Ravenpaw's warrior name because it fits a she cat more.

This is my friend's warrior name and is very popular
Lots of people thing it should b ravenpaw's warrior name

She's in my fanfic. She is now Ravenstar. She's hot-headed and makes some bad desicions (cough cough leaopordstar cough cough)) but admits they were wrong before she dies

This is the medicine cat of Thunderclan during Mapleshades time. It's taken by Erin Hunter.. ;l

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