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361 Graytail

Is the deputy of treeclan. Mother to nightfur and patchpelt. Is Wight with gray ears and a gray tipped tail P.S. I love her!

362 Nightfur

Raven black shecat with light pink eyes and an ugly scar across her shoulder but otherwise a beautiful she cat

363 Patchpelt

Yes there's already cat called that. He's Tigerstar's uncle

You must not have read the books.. one of the elders of ThunderClan in like the FIRST BOOK

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364 Stormtail

Already a cat called that. He's Bluestar's father

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365 Lionfang
366 Russetfrost

Ginger and white she cat

367 Cinderflight

Light gray she cat is a med cat

368 Leafheart

Brown tabby she cat.

369 Tigerfang
370 Fernfrost

A cute white she cat with ice blue eyes

371 Ravenwing

I don't think it should be Ravenpaw's warrior name because it fits a she cat more.

This is my friend's warrior name and is very popular
Lots of people thing it should b ravenpaw's warrior name

She's in my fanfic. She is now Ravenstar. She's hot-headed and makes some bad desicions (cough cough leaopordstar cough cough)) but admits they were wrong before she dies

This is the medicine cat of Thunderclan during Mapleshades time. It's taken by Erin Hunter.. ;l

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372 Berrystumpytail

Poor berrypaw was scared firestar would make this his name are berrys

I'm sorry this is kind of a dumb name, warriors have a prefix and a suffix, like Fireflower or ilverberry. Not three

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373 Mistmoon

Past loner, joined RiverClan, color of mist, very quiet and sneaky, not in love with any tom what so ever. HATES Riverstripe

374 Flameheart

Flaming red pelt, EXTREMELY short temper, used to be a rouge near ShadowClan territory, joined ThunderClan

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375 Wingkiss

My warrior cat name. Cream colored she-cat with white spots in a pattern. Has medium length fur and a bushy tail. Eyes are bright orange and lime.

I don't think warrior cats know what a kiss is

376 Silvermoon
377 Moonbreeze
378 Moonfrost
379 Winterfrost

Beautiful and has a father named thistletalon and her mother is frost fire. She is a gray and blue she cat with a white underbelly and shocking blue eyes

380 Ambershade

Golden pelt with black stripes with Amber eyes

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