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21 Cherryswirl
22 Sunshadow

Awesome! Me mate! Owl x Sun

Dudes this a name in mothflights vision

This is a real warrior cat name! Except he is one of the ancients. His name is actually Sun Shadow but whatever.

Sunshadow. Sunshadow. I am using this. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE SUNSHADOW!

23 Silentwish

How does a cat look like a "Silent"? The prefix part of a name is supposed to describe the cat's appearance. Along with that, the suffix is supposed to describe a skill or personality trait, with the exception of "-face". I have no idea how a "-wish" describes a skill or personality trait.

Though it sounds nice, it's a terrible name in terms of tradition.

To the person that says 'how does a cat look like a "Silent"? ': Have you read Firestar's Quest? They named a cat Echosong. I have proven my point. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

Silent is her personality. Quiet and shy. Wish meaning something that she cannot have. She is always hoping, wishing and dreaming.

To me, it sounds like a white she-cat(or tom) who has amber eyes and a ginger spot under their eye. Maybe their mute(Can't talk) or is just quiet and always wishes for a better life? Either way, I like it.

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24 Robinwing

This is an actual name from Bluestar's Prophecy! It's very cool!

25 Icewren

I imagine this as a large, silvery colored she-cat with a missing ear and sharp, green eyes that always seem to ring with scorn.

Nice name but never seen it

Meow, it good

26 Tigercloud
27 Rosecross
28 Fallenangel
29 Vixenleap

Beautiful! In the actual series, there is Foxleap. Now, we have a female version of the name, HOLLA! That's so awesome! Good job, who ever made this name up!

This is a great name! She should be a feisty ginger she-cat with a no-nonsense personality. Foxleap's secret incognito sister or something--I totally agree with the people below. Her mate should be like, a legit ThunderClan tom all the way--someone sweet like Brackenfur, but totally fierce like Tigerstar. She would be PERFECT! -Snowfall

"I Love This Name! It really does sound like Foxleap's alternative self or twin sister!

I love this name! I can imagine a brown tom or she-cat, however, the warrior cats won't understand "Vixen"

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30 Eagleflight V 1 Comment
31 Badgerstripe

Badgerstripe would be a large black tabby tom with white stripes across his face, one long stripe going along his back, a white belly, and a very short tail. He'd have dark, deep amber eyes, and a nick in one one of his short ears. Much better than the names above.

This is such a great name and fits in more with nature than the rest

This is, like, the ONLY actual realistic warrior name! I mean, cats don't even know what blades are! Idiots! But, I like Badgerstripe.

HEY! I came up with this!

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32 Lightninghawk

Very nice name for once

My clan name is lightningstar


33 Aurorasnow
34 Bladetail

Idiots, forest cats don't no what blades are

I kinda think of a light gray tom with his tail slashing at his enemies and telling them to back of off.

Not bad, but I agree that the Warriors don't even know what a blade is. It just won't work. Good try.

The person who said idiots why did you vote? I think it should have been grasstail but good try! :-)

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35 Diamonclaw

Diamonds are beautiful, but the problem is that cats don't know what that is. Otherwise if they did know, that name is beautiful - lilydoestopten

Just because it is a gem name does not mean it is not beautiful, black with tons of white stripes

Stupid gem name again!

It's actually Diamon, meaning Dyamon a Yiddish word which is a name that was as most commonly used in the 2000's it means Impure - HermioneGrangerHarryPotter

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36 MintDapple
37 Oakstripe

Oakstripe seems like a name for a dark red tom with amber eyes, it's sounds very real and professional.

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Waterclan
Golden tom with brown stripes and amber eyes

38 Dewfrost
39 Talonflame
40 Clawstorm

Billystorm's better than this. - Berrystumpytail

This is kind of a lazy name. Are you sue the person who came up with this just thought, "Hey, let's make this cat SUPER EDGEY and give it lots of scars, make it black with red eyes, and then give it an EXTREMELY edgey name."

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