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381 Graywillow

That's a really pretty name! I think of a white she-cat with pale gray splotches

382 Nightspirit

Come on everyone! This name is pretty much good! Like pretty much!

383 NightFall

Property of Cloudclan. Black cat with faint stripes and white belly. Is warrior who has a dark secret about kits she has lost and is a very sassy cat.

Black she cat with white underside and faint dark stripes. Property of Cloudclan!

Did I post this name? Cause I think I did, but not with small 'F'... DID SOMEONE REPOST IT?!?

384 Oakflight

My name is Oakflight

385 Timberfur

This name is real. He's from Crookedstar's Promise.

A skinny red tabby with glowing brown eyes.

386 Snowstar

A white she-cat with tiny black spots all over her. Warriors name was Snowstorm.

White she-cat with tiny black spots all over her body. AMber eyes. I make this in honor of what Snowfur could've been. Property of CLoudclan!

387 Dewstone

Light grey she-cat with long fur and green eyes.

388 Skypool

Before I read this page I used Skypool for a project of mine.

Beautiful white she-cat with creamy, almost pink paws. Medicine cat.
-Property of Cloudclan. I'm also creater of Moontail, Snowstar Frostfire, Darkshadow and many others

389 Stripedclaw

Black cat with one tiny white stripe on his toe. Property of Cloudclan. He is deputy and has a rather sassy attitude and short temper..

390 Owlflight

Oh! Such a wonderful name! A Brown Tom with Amber eyes

Dark brown cat with lighter brown stripes. Is tom with pale yellow eyes. Property of Cloudclan!

391 Eagleface

Black cat with all white head. Ice blue eyes, is tom. Property of CLoudclan!

392 Oceanmist

I have that name too! A blueish She-cat queen with grayish eyes

She is a steel blue-colored she-cat with ocean blue eyes with a slight sea green tint to them.

-Shadowstar, formerly Shadowheart, leader of DragonClan

393 Seabreeze

She is a pale steel blue-colored she-cat with turquoise eyes. Her mother is Poppyfern, her father is Goldenheart, her sister is Oceanmist, and her brothers are Ducktuft and Heronfire.

-Shadowstar, formerly Shadowheart, leader of DragonClan

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394 Ducktuft

I see a cream she-cat with unusually fuzzy fur on head, teal eyes

He is a white tom with sky blue eyes. He is Seabreeze, Oceanmist, and Heronfire's brother.

-Shadowstar, formerly Shadowheart, leader of DragonClan

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395 Heronfire
396 Poppyfern

She is a ginger she-cat with honey brown eyes. She is the mother of Heronfire, Ducktuft, Oceanmist, and Seabreeze. She has had two mates, the first was the father of Seabreeze an Oceanmist, the older two, and Stormbird is the father of Ducktuft and Heronfire.

-Shadowstar, formerly Shadowheart, leader of DragonClan

397 Thistlebreeze

This name sounds cool

398 Sunflash

Oh my god, this name is really creative! And it makes a lot of sense (something I look for in warrior cat names! )

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399 Mintleaf

She's in my story. She's a goldclan warrior, is blueish Gray with deep green eyes. She has an extremely short temper. She dies in a battle against soulclan

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400 Feathernose

Silver she-cat with blue eyes

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