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421 Whitemoon

OC is mine: A pure white tom with one blue eye and one green. He is calm and gentle with his own clan mates and shows no mercy in battle, he is snappy with other clans and quite pushy too but he is dead loyal and always will be.

422 Silverfrost

She's a beautiful silver tabby with emerald green eyes.

Beautiful silver tabby ice blue eyes

Silver tabby she-cat with night black stripes and unusual amber eyes
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

423 Hazelfur V 1 Comment
424 Mapleshine
425 Ambershine
426 Mossystone

Dark tortoiseshell she-cat with gray paws and damp green eyes and sleek fur.

427 Icewater

Pale silver and white tabby she-cat with long fur and pale blue eyes. Very good at swimming.

428 Snowtail
429 Birdpelt

Light brown she-cat with green eyes

430 Shadevine

Dark tortoiseshell she-cat (or tom) with forest green eyes

431 Pepperheart

She was a former rogue. She is the best fighter ever and she is a silver tabby from riverclan

432 Leapsong

Leapsong is the daughter of a villain and she is dark red.

433 Dewydawn

Tom from windclan. Deputy with Aqua blue eyes and he has a smooth shiny pelt that is black on one side, white on the other.

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434 Amberblaze V 1 Comment
435 Eagleheart
436 Moonshine

This is the name of my Medicine-Cat. She is infertile and after spending time in the Medicine-Cat Den from an injury she decided to stop her Warrior training and become a Medicine-Cat Apprentice. Everyone loved her so much because she would fight in every single battle and I decided to reincarnate her as Starshine as she had such a sad life, watching the cat she liked have kits with another she-cat because she knew she could never give him that and I gave her such a heroic but cruel death whilst saving her adopted kit that she was told to abduct from a message from StarClan. She was re-born under a shooting star and sent to save the Clan. As Starshine she was able to have a mate and kits and be a warrior before taking up the current Medicine-Cat role when the Medicine-Cat died without having an apprentice. She also was given healing powers from StarClan and her silver fur shined like a star under the night sky.

Moonshine. It's homemade alcohol. Look it up.

437 Clawleaf

Brown tom with black stripes, and a white underbelly/paws. Leaf green eyes. Is the medicine cat of Sh adowClan.

438 Sunfur

A dark ginger furred Tom with a deep orange stripe down his back and up his leg he has yellow eyes and is very protective and he will do anything for his clan but, even though he is sometimes over ambitious he keeps himself from getting to power hungry - WolfClawWarriorCats

A long-legged ginger-and-white tom with baby blue eyes. He's laid-back, witty, funny, friendly, and adventurous. He's a free-spirited cat and the fastest runner in his Clan.

439 Darkstorm

Muscular sleek black tom with piercing green eyes. Darkstorm is fierce, intelligent, tough, cunning, passionate, rebellious, determined, mysterious. He's unbelievably loyal to what he thinks is right and is ambitious and courageous and independent. He sometimes seems like he doesn't feel many emotions but truly, he's scared of being abandoned or hurt. His father left him as a kit and he was betrayed by a cat who he truly cared for. He struggles with the cold, hard grudge he feels against his father. He is respected within the Clan but doesn't open up easily and is sarcastic and prickly. But inside, he's truly sensitive and caring. He hates authority and prides himself on being a rebel and challenging the warrior code.

440 Shadowstreak

Black she-cat with jay blue eyes

This was created by HollyleafRules1 on in the story Hollyleaf's Second Chance. Isn't the name fantastic?

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