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461 Nutfall

Small dusky brow she cat with blue eyes

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462 Starpad

Dark blue she cat with minty green eyes,a star on the bottom of her front left paw and an extra toe on the same paw

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463 Echofrost

I like this name; I made it up in my Warriors crossover with The Hunger Games before I read this list. She's the main character, a silver she-cat with white paws and dark blue eyes.

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464 Slashclaw

Red-and-black Tom; ambitious as Tigerstar

465 Stormcloud

Already a cat-Bramblestar's Storm - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

466 Snipershot

Brown-and-gray Tom who likes Snipers. From the FANTASY world of Warriors

467 Hollyflight

Very dark brown she-cat with white paws, daugther of a rouge and passed down to shadowclan.

468 Nightfire

Jet black she cat with amber or green eyes.

469 Lunarheart

Solid gray she-cat with beautiful fluffy coat and blue eyes. Part of ThunderClan and is known to be the most friendly cat maybe even Maggottail would lighten up at her hilarious jokes.

470 Cheetahstorm

Golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

471 Sapphiremoon

No, not good. It is but not for a clan cat. The cats do not know of the gems or minerals so no not this one. It's very pretty though.

Cats don't know what gems are, so stop naming cats diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire! It sounds pretty but cats don't know what sapphires are

I don't know if it's just me but I'm sick of people who do this. Diamond wing, jade gaze, ruby heart ugh!

Stupid gem name, you must watch Steven Universe

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472 Dovefire

Ginger and white she cat with maybe blue or amber eyes? She is medicine cat and her parents are Wolfpelt and Robinflight. Siblings : Fuzzynose. Apprentice : Frostpaw

473 Elmfire

Black and grey she cat with dark blue eyes

474 Starstripe

*cringes* Star- is a forbidden prefix. It's like saying" My kit is more powerful that Starclan! "

I like this name but it doesn't sound like a real cat also what if he/she became leader?

This cat had better be a medicine cat or not becoming leader, or else you'll have a Starstar on your hands.

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475 Goldenstripe

Goldenstripe is a white she-cat with a golden stripe down her spine, a golden tail tip, and golden speckles near her stripe

476 Ferncloud

She's real; Dustpelt's mate and mother to Spiderleg, Shrewpaw, Birchfall, Hollykit, Larchkit, Icecloud, and Foxleap. She's also Ashfur's sister, and Brindleface's (I think) daughter. Forgot who her father is.

LOVE this name it seems like a actual warrior cat name!
I love it,here is a role play sample :
Ferncloud trotted to the warriors den,then scenting a shadow clan warrior.Just in time she leapt around,racking the warriors side.Making the tom run out yowling.
Awesome! I imagine a pale shecat who is blind in one eye and a grayish chest and paws! Also black tail and ear tips :D

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477 Mountainwind V 1 Comment
478 Wispwater
479 Jayflight

Jayflight is a female with a black pelt light brown spots and a dark brown underbelly with blue green eyes. If your writing a book feel free to use it!

480 Oliveleaf

LOL, that's what I named Karen (Kenny's little sister) in my South Park � - Warrior Cats fic.

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