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481 Pumapounce
482 Lynxfang
483 Falconjaw
484 Poisonsplash V 2 Comments
485 Larkwing V 1 Comment
486 Deepsplash

This is a big cat :)...

487 Frostfeather
488 Foxfrost V 1 Comment
489 Oakblaze

Oak laze is a great name!

490 Goldshine V 1 Comment
491 Cherryblossom
492 Mintshade

Pale gray she-cat with dark gray flecks (like Ferncloud). She has a crush on Lionpelt. She had kits with Lynxleap, but Lynxleap has died. She asks Lionpelt to be her kits' father. He agrees. The kits names are Mallowkit (light cream she-kit) and Mosskit (dark gray she-kit).

V 1 Comment
493 Waterwing
494 Frostshine

White she-cat with green eyes. Mates with Clawscratch. They have kits named Minnowpond (gray she-cat) and Beetlenose (annoying brown tom).

495 Ravenfeather

Sounds like Ravenpaw's Warrior name, although the Hunters said it would have been Ravenwing. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

V 1 Comment
496 Halestorm

Yeah it's Hailstorm not Halestorm.

Pale gray she-cat. Her mate, Sunshadow, is dead. She is very sad because her brothers (Robinfeather and Dewfoot) have mates (Sunstreak with Robinfeather, and Waterwing with Dewfoot).

V 1 Comment
497 Dewfoot
498 Silverswan

A silver and white she-cat with ice blue eyes. She is loved by many toms, but she likes IceStream, they have SnowKit, MistKit, and FrostKit

A white and silver she-cat. Beautiful and many toms (Duskrise, Lemonleaf, and Grapefall) love her. But she loves Tigerblaze. She has no kits. Her sister Ivyleaf has kits (Berryheart, Redthroat, and Oakfall) and a mate (Brackenfern)

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499 Cinderpool

A dark gray she-cat (like Cinderpelt and Cinderheart). She is sweet. She has been a warrior but is now dead. She comes back to life as a kit (like Cinderpelt became Cinderheart. Her first warrior name was Cinderfoot. She then became Cinderpool when she lived again. She set her spirit free like Cinderheart set Cinderpelt free. She lives happily with her family and mate (Swiftpelt).

500 Articstream

Silver she- cat with dark stripe down back, daughter of Graystripe and Silverstream, everone thought she was dead, but she wasn't and when Silverstream died, and went to the snowy mountains, found a cat called Artic, became mentor, and died a few moons later, she renamed herself Articpaw, and found cats, made a clan called Wildclan, was Articstream, and then Articstar.. whew!

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