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481 Whisperingpad V 1 Comment
482 Dovefire

Ginger and white she cat with maybe blue or amber eyes? She is medicine cat and her parents are Wolfpelt and Robinflight. Siblings : Fuzzynose. Apprentice : Frostpaw

483 Elmfire

Black and grey she cat with dark blue eyes

484 Starstripe

*cringes* Star- is a forbidden prefix. It's like saying" My kit is more powerful that Starclan! "

I like this name but it doesn't sound like a real cat also what if he/she became leader?

This cat had better be a medicine cat or not becoming leader, or else you'll have a Starstar on your hands.

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485 Goldenstripe

Goldenstripe is a white she-cat with a golden stripe down her spine, a golden tail tip, and golden speckles near her stripe

486 Ferncloud

She's real; Dustpelt's mate and mother to Spiderleg, Shrewpaw, Birchfall, Hollykit, Larchkit, Icecloud, and Foxleap. She's also Ashfur's sister, and Brindleface's (I think) daughter. Forgot who her father is.

LOVE this name it seems like a actual warrior cat name!
I love it,here is a role play sample :
Ferncloud trotted to the warriors den,then scenting a shadow clan warrior.Just in time she leapt around,racking the warriors side.Making the tom run out yowling.
Awesome! I imagine a pale shecat who is blind in one eye and a grayish chest and paws! Also black tail and ear tips :D

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487 Mountainwind V 1 Comment
488 Wispwater
489 Jayflight

Jayflight is a female with a black pelt light brown spots and a dark brown underbelly with blue green eyes. If your writing a book feel free to use it!

490 Oliveleaf

LOL, that's what I named Karen (Kenny's little sister) in my South Park � - Warrior Cats fic.

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491 Pumapounce
492 Lynxfang
493 Falconjaw
494 Poisonsplash V 2 Comments
495 Larkwing V 1 Comment
496 Adderfern

This would be like a spotted cat who is fierce she-cat

Honeyfern was killed by an adder. Are you trying to make a joke about that? Because it's not funny.
- Berrynose

497 Dappledthistle V 1 Comment
498 Runninglizard V 1 Comment
499 Nightflame

Black fiery she-cat her pelt is insanely jet black and the moon shines on it and it looks like a black flame

500 Mousemist

More like a normal warrior cat name unlike the other ones but she would have a brown shimmery pelt

There's a canon Mistmouse. Neither that nor this makes any sense.

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