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41 Talonflame

This is legit a Pokemon...0_0

42 Duskclaw

I LOVE THIS NAME! I picture a pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes and a fierce personality. Her mate's name is Nightscar, and she has four, tiny kits. their names are Dawnkit, Moonkit, Cloudkit, and Sunkit. Dawnkit looks like her mother and is she-cat. Moonkit is a pale gray she-cat with gray speckles and amber eyes. Cloudkit is a white she-cat with pale amber eyes. And, finally, Sunkit, a cream colored she- cat with dazzling blue eyes. OK, BASICALLY THEY'RE ALL GIRLS! Oh, she had one kit that was a tom, but died at birth. His name was Dark-kit. Foxflight out!

43 Nightfrost

A little boring to say the least. Loads of people I know have this name

This name should be the number 2 if not 1

I think blackfrost would be better..

Very nice name!
I love it. Maybe, a black and white spotted she-cat, with silvery blue eyes?
I wouldn't know, but that just the coolest name ever!
(This comment was left for you by Spottedfeather)

44 Moonfeather

This is amazing. I'm going to use this but not in a fan fiction.

I made a cat named moon feather she was a blue-gray she-cat with pretty green eyes - Jaywinglover

Name sounds peaceful and calming. - Frostecho

"Moon" is a sacred word (moonstone,moonpool), it is against the laws of warrior cat naming. (Again there are real laws; and I know what you're thinking- What about MOONflower, AmberMOON or HarveyMOON; well, those were mistakes that the ERINS admitted to)

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45 Iceblaze

This is pretty name for a she-cat. Expecially if she is quick and stubborn when it comes to rules. I think of her as a tabby white she-cat with very faint gray stripes.

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46 Nightscar

Awesome! Strong, battle-scarred black tom with dark blue eyes, stoic and fierce.

Definitely a black she cat with amber eyes and gray socks that is loyal and brave. Also in Thunderclan

Soungs like a ruthless, battle-hungry, bloodthisty tom, that turns into the unlimited sweetheart after he falls in love with a she-cat called Siren.

Nightscar... I used that name before I saw this. This is how I imanaged him. Black tom with Dark green eyes. Belongs to Fangclan.

47 Copperblaze
48 Blazeflank
49 Honeyfern

Best name ever, yet it has been used in the real books before.

Uuuum... This is a cat from the books...

50 Antleap
51 Snowhawk

I imagine that this would be a white cat with black flecks and a black mask. They would have sharp amber eyes for seeing far away. Nice name!

Grey tabby she-cat with a white tail with a patchy black tip

White she-cat with brown patches with a few black specks in the patches, blue eyes. Strong build. Wonderful name.

A slender, sleek, pure white she cat with beautiful blue eyes that look like pools of ice.
As a kit Snowhawk and her siblings loved playing around the den. They played little games like " chase " or " fox " or " I'm leader " Chase was where the kits found one chaser and they had to go and chase other kits. Fox was a game where two kits were the fox. The others had to hide from the fox or they'd get bit. I'm leader was just a game where one kit was leader one was the dep one was a med cat and others were warriors.
But sometimes Snowkit was shy and tempered. She was just as strong as her brothers even as a young kit. Snowkit became a bold, fearless, and adventurous cat with the ability to jump at high ledges. She mated with a dark brown dappled tom named MudFur. They had 4 kits; Pinekit, Rainkit, Stemkit, and Rowankit. Her next litter had Brokenkit and Petalkit.

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52 Moonshadow

What a beautiful name! I'd have her as my medicine cat.

People. This exists! He's like related to Tall Shadow! In Dawn of the Clans! So no, it's not your property.

A silvery-gray she-cat with blue eyes. Very shy and frightened easily

I already use this name I hate the person who used it! 😡😡😡 JK.

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53 Frostheart V 1 Comment
54 Brightpoppy

SO PRETTY! I love it I'm putting this in mah fanfic

55 Whitemask

It has a mysterious tone to it like misted flame the name I made up at the bottom of the list laugh out loud but white mask is so cool

Wind clan med cat who is mysterious but kind. He has completely black fur and black eyes but a white face. - Leaftail

Cats don't know about masks but face could work

A jet-black tom with a white mask over his icy blue eyes. When he was a kit, he was bullied because of his mask and eyes color. He lived in a clan, DarkClan, that had no bright-colored cats, only black, dark brown, and dark gray with only amber eyes. He was even apprenticed late. His whole clan hated him, even his mother and siblings. There were two cats, though, that liked Whitemask. An apprentice, Nightpaw, now Nightfeather, and his father, Flintfang. When he was made a Warrior, Flintfang decided to retire to an elder. Soon after, Flintfang died to greencough. The only cat that liked him was Nightfeather. She had told him many times she thought of him as a brother. Whitemask had feelings for her, but was too afraid of what might come of him expressing his feelings. He was afraid she would not be his friend anymore. Much less his mate. One day, as Whitemask was sitting near the stream, Nightfeather came up to him. She told him she was expecting another tom in the Clan, Ashfire. ...more - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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56 Hawkheart Hawkheart

This is a real cat in Tallstar's Revenge and etc.

Already a cat-Tallstar's Revenge - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

I love this name I see a brown tom from WindClan coming back from camp with a hawk in his jaws he sets it down and takes a rabbit as he turns his head to get fur out of his face you see a white heart mark his brother in known as Xclaw a black tom with green eyes and his sister known as Eaglepaw (She got hurt and her training was held back a little) a brown she-cat with a white head and blue eyes his mother had left him and his brother and sister in Windclan camp cause she did not want then She was a smoky gray she-cat of ShadowClan with the name Smokeheart The med cat SmokyWillow had found them and taken them into WindClan. - Marshmellow

57 Dawnfeather
58 Shrillvoice
59 Bramblefur
60 Cindermist

A tortoiseshell and grey she cat with brilliant sea green eyes.
Cindermist was a friendly young she cat. She had many toms that were captured by her beauty. They had admired her beautiful pelt and eyes and the clever ways she hunted. But she always turned them down. She met a fawn and dark orange tom one night while accidentally crossing DarkClan. He walked casually toward her and tilted his head. He told her she should stay awhile. He too loved the way she looked. Cindermist had never felt something like this before. She fell in love with the DarkClan warrior, named ShadedFire. He loved her too, not only because she was pretty, but because she was sweet and easy to talk to. They were inseparable but knew deep down they would have to keep it a secret.
One night, a warrior from MistClan, Cindermist's clan had secretly spotted her with ShadedFire. She told the HazeStar and he was enraged. So angry for betrayal of her clan. But he was reluctant to tell her.
The warrior, whose ...more

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