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61 Honeyeyes
62 Hawkstripe
63 Torrentpath
64 Rowanbrook
65 Moonshadow

What a beautiful name! I'd have her as my medicine cat.

A silvery-gray she-cat with blue eyes. Very shy and frightened easily

That's really pretty! I don't see many cats with the moon prefix in the actual books. Erin Hunter should totally chose this name for Thunderclans future medicine cat!

I already use this name I hate the person who used it! 😡😡😡 JK.

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66 Ashflame

It sounds so wonderful! I imagine him as a strong tom ready to defend his clan at any cost.

Woo, a cross between two of my characters! Me( Ashleap) and Thistleflame (OC) - Ashleap

67 Birdsoar

Ok I voted
Name sounds a bit edgy though

Bird soaring in the sky
Love the name
I will use it as best hunter in clan
Please vote.Thank you

68 Ripplewhisker
69 Duskcloud

Nice name. Reminds me of a dark gray she cat with darker patches all over her fur. She will have deep amber eyes and white paws, chest, tail top, and muzzle.

70 Wolfcall

Brave smart she cat with deep deep brown eyes that have depth with experience that never ends. Tortoiseshell brown.

I think wolf call is way better than your suffixes

Cats do know what wolves are they are mentioned when the cats go to the mountains - chomei

To the people that said "Do cats even know what a wolf is? " Read Yellowfang's secret. There is a cat called Wolfstep. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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71 Nightfeather

Maybe a black tom with green eyes and long fur?

A back cat with white paws? - Leaftail

Black she cat with a silver stripe running from her nose to tail she has leaf green eyes

Good name

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72 BriarWillow
73 Nightfang
74 Troutwhisker
75 Rainshadow

Wow! This is beautiful! I really like the tone it sets. A romantic gray she-cat with two black paws, who is angry because she loves a tom, but choose the path of a medicine cat... Oops, I guess I just kind of got caught up in writing her story

Great name! Maybe a beautiful blue-gray she-cat with a long, silvery, shimmery pelt and gorgeous blue eyes. She would be sweet and caring, but deep inside she should be totally fierce whenever anyone comes near her kits or her Clan. She should be a medicine cat with like two kits only who become super successful, and her mate is actually from a different Clan...
...okay. I think you get the point. -Snowfall

I think the name sounds so cool and I can imagine her as a really loyal warrior. and if they actually used it I still really like it!

Oh, Purdy. (Get it? )

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76 Heatherbreeze

This is a pretty name, while it disgusts me at the same time. This is because it reminds me of Heathertail and Breezepelt. Ew. But I like it still

I love this name! I have a fanfiction cat called HeatherWIND, similar but not exact. She's a dark ginger she-cat with a creamy-white tail-tip. She has greenish-blue eyes and unusually small ears. She was RowanFlame's former mate but is now whiskerstone' s mate. She wants to kill RowanFlame for saying he though she was doing "wishful thinking" if she believed they'd be mate's again, but never does because she can't bring herself to do it

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77 Dogfang

This... is just disappointing. This sounds like a BloodClan cat, that was a total murderer, for no reason, and they took over everything and everyone and now rules the world. Just please end me, this name is too much and is extremely disgusting.


Clears god damn throat.

Well. In the Warriors series their is actually a cat named Houndleap.

'Dog' is a good prefix. But how about using tail, nose, or tongue for the suffix? - Raven - Berrystumpytail

78 Berryfoot

Sorry, just had to say that.
I like this name, and the existing cat description works well

Russet she-cat with white paws and gold eyes

A swift brown tabby she-cat with white paws. One of the best hunters in her Clan.

I like this name and I would like to see more names with the suffix foot though

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79 Tigerfall

That is a great name! I imagin a tabby tom with tiger like stripes. I'm going to use this in my book! ( I'm on padge 50 XP)

80 Featherwind

Featherwind is Windclan's medicine cat, his attitude is okay but he can get very brutal, when mad.
he had more herbs than any cat in the battle of Aurorasnow and Bloodclan. he promises his clan that if Aurorasnow ever comes back, he will kill her to protect his clan, he says he knows he can do it because of how strong he gets when he's mad, he believes he could do it in one swipe. At the gathering Aurorasnow told the clans that she had the power of the moon in her paws, Every clan cat laughed, and she said she would bring Bloodclan back. and Featherwind had laughed the hardest, only to shout out, "Then give it your best weakling!" Aurorasnow attacked him at that moment, and he hardly made it out alive, which gave him his strength. - KittiesCakeAndCookies

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