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81 Brookfire
82 Duskvoice
83 Eelwater
84 Stormflame
85 Goldensky

I imagine her as a brave sandy colored she-cat with emerald eyes! She would have a golden muzzle, underbelly and paws! It's a brilliant and unique name!

She is a golden tabby with sky blue eyes, she is gentle and carefree, lots of toms like her but she doesn't want a mate

I imagine a golden tabby she-cat with light blue eyes and a care-free, sassy personality.

OH WOW! I actually thought of this name before I read this! I love it! I stay up late at night thinking of names, and I came up with this one. But I didn't even put it on and yet here it is! Yay! She is a queen, mate of Owlflight, mother of Mistpaw and Ivypaw. (They just became apprentices)

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86 Whitehawk

WhiteHawk is a pure white cat that has black tips of fur all around her back and paws. She has silver feathery marks around her watery blue eye. Her mother died at Whitekit's birth and her father died in battle. So as a kit she was smothered with questions and cats all talking and discussing at once. IceTail took care of her, but what Whitekit really wanted to do was find her parents. She didn't know they were gone. Soon enough she became an apprentice with the name WhitePaw. She didn't listen though. The question nagged at her. Ivorywing her mentor asked her what was wrong, WhitePaw said " who were my parents? " Ivorywing knew she couldn't tell.
Later she went to Icestar the leader. WhitePaw pleaded. So Icestar finally did. Her father went out of control one day and killed Whitepaws mother. He then forced a dog onto the camp. Out of his trance by morning he realized what he had done. And left the camp forever. Icestar said " They loved you WhitePaw "

87 Fernstorm
88 Blazewing
89 Swanfeather

I actually have an oc named swanfeather! she's a pure white she-cat with pale green eyes, and one giant and brutal scar across her muzzle.

90 Echoslight
91 Ratwhisker
92 Smallstone

I imagine as a small, gray she-cat that was born in Thunderclan but left for Shadowclan.

93 Hazelstone
94 Moonwish
95 Vixendapple
96 CherryFrost

Tortoiseshell with bright blue eyes? Maybe she has white paws, but her legs are a mixture of ginger and black only, so it looks like she has frost on her paws.

I don't know why but I just fell in love with that name/

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97 Snaketail V 2 Comments
98 Snowblossom

Ooh what about a white she cat with greyish black leopard prints and pale blue eyes

I see a white she cat with a silver forehead tail and ears

99 Cloudbreeze
100 Ivystripe
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