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161 Badgerkit

Black kit with a white stripe on his head. is brother of Squirrelkit

WHy name a kit after the most deadly animal in the forest?

There's already a Badgerkit

Badger kit is a white tom woth a black stripe down his back and badger loke markings.
he and his sister were playing by the stream when his sister- raven kit fell in. she drowned, badgerkit tried his hardest to save his litter mate and blamed himself for the death for the reast of his life. until finally, he couldent stand the pain of not seeing her and commited suicide by slicing his own neak open.
well at least that's what I think his backstory is...
wow, I am really grusom

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162 Honeyflower

It does exist, in on of the books it said that a med cat brought back some and shared some with the clan, plus it's medicine to something, I think cough? )duh)

This is a name of a beautiful queen who cares for her kits she is a pretty golden color

Its such a sweet and pretty name, the she cat with this name must be so sweet gentle and caring

Honeyflower is my friend's kit name!

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163 Moontail

Whoever made this must really love the prefix "moon"

Silver she cat with pale grey spots on her paws

A black cat with scars on her tail from her evil brother SkyFire!

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164 Dawncloud

This is real. Search it on warriors wiki

Black she cat with white spot on her chest, forest green eyes

Uh, I recognize this. Either it's real or I made it up. Probably both.

Okay this is for Spottedfeather. I'm Moonstar leader of CLoudclan (this name is property of my clan) Dawncloud is actually my cat.. in real life that's her name... and the description is her.. :3

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165 Emberflight

Hey, I thought of this! Oh well, this is my character, and she is a flame-colored Abyssinian she-cat. Very short-tempered, but sweet

A russet-orange colored Somali (it's a breed of cat) she-cat with a fluffy tail. Also, a short temper, and a bit fierce, but sweet. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Small, lean white she cat with gray and orange patches, a gray long tail and dusky eyes

Dark orange she-cat with black spots

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166 Amberstar

Who ever said its warrior names not leader names, go back to school or something because leaders are warrior!

I know that leaders are warriors, but it should give warrior names, like, Amberfrost!

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167 Sunheart
168 Hawkshadow

Lol this is actually one of my oc's name, I was just curious if it was here.

I really love this name!
can I use this name in a fan fiction?!?!? =D

Property of Spottedfeather's Clans
Clan: Earthclan
Big brown tom with a long, black tail and blue eyes

169 Lightningstar

Vote for her! She is brave, smart and wise is an excellent leader.

Pretty white she-cat with burning orange eyes. Part of ShadowClan. Warrior name Lightningheart.

This is my OC name too! Her warrior name is Lightningclaw. She's a muscular long-legged slender she-cat with a flame-colored pelt, leaf green eyes, and a torn ear

170 Morningmist

She's a misunderstood she-cat with a misty-grey pelt and pale blue eyes.

I love this name!

Can I use this name please? - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

You can use this if I give you permission.
Clan: HailClan
Beautiful tortiseshell she cat

171 Bluefrost

I thought of this name before!

Blue she cat with blue eyes and white dapples on her tail,back,muzzle,paws and underbelly. She is Echofrost's sister

This is such a beautiful name! It could be for an amazing deputy who has gone through so many hardships��"dark gray/blueish fur, blue eyes. She should have several siblings who have all perished, but she's a survivor. I think it's an AMAZING name with a really good story behind it!

172 Pebbledust

Sounds like a dusty grey cat (if that's even possible) with blue eyes.

This reminds me of the early settler named Pebble Heart.

Grey with dusty brown on back face and tail. She is calm and easy often wandering the riverbank and thinking of her true love in windclan.

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173 Cherryleaf

A beautiful ginger she-cat who has been in two prophecies. She is mates with Branchbark. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!

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174 Rosepelt
175 Frostrose

A really pale ginger she cat. She is a queen and was once Pineriver's apprentice.

Imagine a brown she cat with white spots and rose red eyes. She seems sweet

That's pretty, but it doesn't sound right to me. Not trying to be a hater

176 Tigerleaf
177 Fawndapple
178 Songheart
179 Shadestrike

This is my OC's name. He's a sleek, lithe black tom with light blue eyes. He is the deputy of his Clan, DarkClan. He has scars all the way along his pelt, one eye, and half an ear, the other ear is so mauled that it hangs over like a dog's, he is like this because he was mauled by a badger when he was a kit. He is skilled at both hunting and fighting. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

180 Robincreek
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