Gleamstar (or Stargleam, from Starkit's Prophecy)


The whole story is so horrible... I really hope that it was a Troll, but even if it was then I'd still chew the author out for making such a 'perfect' cat, who is PURPLE with RAINBOW EYES and has a PERFECT STAR ON HER FOREHEAD and is stuck in a love hexagon (Firestar, Graystripe, Blackstar (WHO KILLED HIMSELF WHEN SHE REJECTED HIM), Hawkfrost, Gleamstar herself, Jazzstar (her apparent BFF in real life)), and is perfect at everything, wins every battle, has lots of perfect kits, and I could go forever..

This fanfiction was absolutely hilarious for the fact that the writer obviously doesn't know how to type, and have enough people mentioned how Stargleam is the ultimate example of a Warriors Mary Sue?

Starkit is a kit with purple fur, rainbow eyes, and a perfect star on her chest. She has FOUR CANON CHARACTERS padding after her, Firestar, Graystripe, Blackstar (Who KILLS himself after she rejects him), and Hawkfrost. She grows up to be the most KAIWAII and PERFECT leader in the warriors universe. She leads a protest against gays and lesbians and manages to kill Tigerstar and... Hollyleaf. Now what part of that complete mary-sue story was acceptable to you?! I sure wish this was a troll story, but sadly, I don't think it was.

The prophocy is to kill the evil tiger&holly. Tigerstar is evil, but not Hollyleaf. AND THEY WERE NOT MATES

I stopped reading a long time ago. It basically burned my eyes out.

This fanfiction is just horrible. - IcetailofWishClan

Ah yes the queen Mary-sue of all the warrior fanfics... I hate her but the story is just funny! So it's hate and love the terrible spelling is just laughable

OH GOD NOT THIS ABOMINATION. This OC is horrific. Firestar, Graystripe, Blackstar and Hawkfrost love her. Not to mention Jayfeather of all cats is her father. Oh yeah. Don't forget butter mom. I couldn't imagine Jayfeather falling in love with anyone. Sure, Half Moon happened, but they're not mates. There are too many things wrong with this, and the anti LGBT stuff was painful to read. This character ( and fanfic ) sucked.

I love how people don't understand Starkit's Prophecy is a joke and the Bad grammar is also a joke.And before saying the creator is stupid she made smart arguments about Spottedleaf's heart in one of her videos called "i sort of spoil Spottedleaf's heart to everyone"

She told StarClan to break the naming rules for her, and they listened without arguing.

The fanfic was a troll, but yes, I still hate the character Gleamstar and the way that everyone loves her. GRAYSTRIPE AND FIRESTAR ALREADY HAD MATES! It's even weirder with Graystripe, because his mate was already dead. Then he got a new one. And now he has ANOTHER mate. Also, the grammar made me facepalm. I am so glad this was a troll and not actually someone's OC.

Ugh gleamstar everyone loves her and goes OOC when they see her! SHE HAS PURPLE FUR WITH A STAR MARKING AND RAINBOW EYES! YES RAINBOW EYES! Even hawkfrost he is like yay kill her then he tried to save her because she is "SO KAWAII"

She had at least 7 cats fall in love with her throughout the entire story...enough said.

Ugh, I hate her! She is a total Mary-Sue! She has purple fur and rainbow eyes and her father is Jayfeather(the author obviously forgot or didn't know that medicine cats can't have mates)and her mother is a ShadowClan cat named Dawnsparkle. She beats Blackstar without any training and has, like, four toms who love her: Firestar, Graystripe, Blackstar, and Hawkfrost. She has absolutely no flaws and is perfect in every way. In other words, she is the biggest Mary-Sue in the universe.

Come on, only an extreme Mary-sue could become "mates" with Graystripe (she does say okay), Firestar (that makes sense) and Hawkfrost all in one story. I only thank the gods Jayfeather was spared. Because even an insane Mary-sue wouldn't date her own father. Who dies. Wow.
~Starpath out (came up with that name long before I read this fic)

We all know who was at the top of the list. Stargleam, the perfect mary-sue in the whole fanfiction universe. If you have seen corrections and know the story, you don't need an explanation at all, but if you haven't, I'll tell U. Starkit's family is perfectly mary-sue. Jayfeather, the med cat, and Dawnsparkle, Starkit's mother that came from ShadowClan and doesn't appear in the rest of the chapters. When Starkit becomes Starpaw, everybody loves her. Firestar, Graystripe, even Blackstar. Firestar instantly gives her her warrior name, because she defeated Blackstar in her FIRST official fight. How mary-sue is that? After she becomes Stargleam, horrible mary-sue things happen, and she becomes leader, ordering STARCLAN CATS to change her name to Gleamstar.

She died and lived again, she had a friend called JAZZpaw and two sisters (who were probably Stargleam's same age) that were apprentices while Stargleam was Starkit.

There you have it, proof that Gleamstar (or Stargleam) ...more

The person who wrote this doesn't know any grammar or spelling. Starkit has purple fur, rainbow eyes and a star on her forehead, and cats can't have these. She beat Blackstar by "clawing him really badly" without any training, and four toms love her: Graystripe, Firestar(who is Starkit's great-grandfather), Blackstar, and Hawkfrost. In te book, there are plenty of things that cats can't do or don't know about(giggling, kissing, the phrase "oh my gosh", marriage, and crying). Also, Starkit, now known as Gleamstar, has kits with a she-cat, Jazzsong(because cats totally know what jazz is), which is impossible. There are thousands of things wrong with this story, and I can't list them all. - Sunwhisker

I love starkits prophercy, no matter how bad it is my friend and I read the stiry on wet day programs at school on the computer, we laughed, and acually bonded, you know, let me tell ya, uou miss it when its gone.

She is a Mary Sue. Though the idea for her story was great (a cat with an unusual connection to StarClan must fight a group of Dark Forest cats), this was clearly a trollfic. She was the child of Jayfeather and Dawnsparkle (is that even a canon suffix), had three cats (or more) in love with her, and defeated the leader of ShadowClan as an apprentice! Though it is weird for me to say this (recently, I rewrote her story and it feels like I’m talking about Starlingflight), she was a Mary Sue. All the way.