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21 Swanpaw (The Rise of a Rainbow)

She is repugnant. Your brother Waterkit even said that she is FOREVER UPSET ABOUT SOMETHING! She is rude to Whitekit and complains infinitely when he accidentally stepped in her leg. Warrior life is difficulty! She should run awaya from your clan and turn into a kittypet, she hates everybody!

22 Thunderstar (Thunderscar, Thunderpaw, Thunderkit)

Yeah he is a Gary Stu. I mean, all of thunderclan KILLS THEMSELVES? Then he becomes leader. If you were trying to make a Gary Stu, good. If you weren't, you actually only need to fix those two parts. Overall, your OC is okay. Also I'm gonna put one up that's my OC so thanks.

Warning! Just putting this to see if you all think my cat is a Gary-Lue.
Thunderkit was born with a sister and parents. He is a grey and white cat with yellow eyes. He states to his sister Nightkit if she tries to fit in with the clan, showing he doesn't try. When he became an apprentice, he gave himself a lightning scar over his eye. Of course, all of Thunderclan (His clan) thought he was insane for doing this. Even his own kin were angry. He became a Warrior, and had a battle with Shadowclan. He and other clanmates were running away. His other clanmates were jumping down a waterfall. Thunderscar told her to go with him, but she jumped and drowned. This told him to train much harder than he did before, and was rewared with a leader place.

23 Lionstar

Lol donutsteel

Also that is pretty Gary Stu...

My OC. He's supposed to be a Gary Stu. Donut steel()

His mother is named Darktail, his father is Ravenfang, his sister is Mossspots, and has a brother named Blackpelt. Blackpelt fell in love with Rosewhisker of FrostClan(yeah made up clans) so Liontuft revealed this after they became warriors, and the temporary leader banished Blackpelt. Liontuft was made deputy a moon after because Grayheart retired. The traveling cats(long story) came back, revealing his father, Ravenstar, had died. Then another moon later they temporary leader died leaving Lionstar as leader and LIONSTAR STAYS LEADER UNTIL ALL OF HIS FAMILY ID DEAD EXCEPT HIS GRANDKITS THEN HE DIES.

Also he finished apprentice training before everyone else in the apprentice den even the ones before he got there.

24 Zazzpaw (Starkit's Prophecy)

She is black with rainbow fur and eyes, and Starkit's promised she would become the deputy of the clan, and she DOES, right after becoming a warrior, not a SINGLE apprentice mentored. What isn't Sue about that?

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25 Winterfrost (The Making of Destruction)

Winterfrost is not a possible name, this is why my fan made clan Winterclan has an explination for its name, if Winterfrost was an actualy name it would be leaf-barefrost. Winterclan was made my my OC Snowstar who was kicked out of her clan, for an actual reason, became a kittypet, learned some twoleg words then made her clan. - SeeU

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26 Rose Quartz's Death (The Return of Lady LovelyLocks)
27 Sparklefur (Sparklefur's Sparkliness)
28 PeppaPigstar (Mary Sue Stories)

The story of PeppaPigstar is actually in one story that has multiple different Warriors trollfics in them.

When she is born, she is named Starkit; she is white with a yellow star in her forehead, and has pale green eyes with stars as 'eyeshine'. (Keep in mind that the author of this trollfic wrote that it was based of Starkit's Prophecy. It has no official name, either, because its in a "pack" of trollfics.)

Then their medicine cat, PETALBUTT recieves a prophecy that was so obvious you could tell it means that the character will destroy another "evil" Clan.

Oh, and don't forget she has 3. TOMS. AFTER. HER. (LOVE SQUARE ALERT! sort of..) And you couldn't have guessed, the were BRAND NEW APPRENTICES, and she was still a LESS-THAN-HALF YEAR OLD KIT.

And then the book just screams, "SHADOWCLAN ATTACK (insert 5 million 1' and!'s here)! " Then a warrior kills a warrior who is much more expierenced and prepared then them with ONE ...more

29 Moonsparkle (Moonstar's Destiny)
30 Crystalpaw (Shiny Prophecies)

Ugh. She is horrible! Crystalkit bullied her siblings, making they angry in a point to the poor underrated kits and the pup defend yourselves, then, Mossystar says that their apprentice cerimony would be delayed and CRYSTALKIT GETS ALL THE PRAISES!

In ya first day as a apprentice she caught a FOX!


I hope that Brindlepaw puts a end in that brat!

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