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1 Archive of our Own

While Wattpad may have an app, Archive of Our Own has more fanfiction of a typically higher quality that Wattpad's. Plus, AO3 is specifically designed with fanfiction in mind (with a few original works), unlike Wattpad (which just happens to include fanfiction as a category).

Meh I like it

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2 Wattpad

I was mixed between this and Archive of our Own. I think I prefer WattPad because there's an app and you can sign right up. I prefer Archive of our Own due to the larger amount of fanfictions from smaller fan bases, though. - HollyRolo

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3 deviantART deviantART DeviantArt is an online artwork, videography and photography community. The website was launched on August 7, 2000, by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and others.

Deviantart is full of terrible adventure time fanworks... but you can also read some lovely Disney fanfiction on this site!

Disgusting adventure time fanfics polluted the net...this site is no exception!

Nasty adventure time fanfictions invaded deviantart!

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4 Quotev

I actually have an account and it is the best website - marynamaru

No way this was definitely the best website

This and is my top choices 4 fanfiction

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The Disney fanfictions on this site are awesome...but some of the adventure ones are inhuman!

The site I have been to with the most fanfics. there are way more here than on archives of our own. fx there are 35k naruto fanfics on archives and 425k naruto fanfics on, and many of those on archives are also on

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8 Internet Archive
9 Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc.

Tumblr contains some adventure time "fanworks" that will make you boil with anger!

There are many hatable adventure time fanfictions and drawings on the net...they soiled some websites and tumblr is one of those!

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10 Fimfiction

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12 Goodreads
13 Commaful

Multimedia stories. One of the fastest growing fandoms and fanfiction sites.

I use this all the time. LOVE

One of the best

14 20lines
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