Top 10 Fanfictions So Bad that They're Actually Good


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1 My Immortal - Harry Potter My Immortal - Harry Potter

I still haven't stopped laughing - pjo

The OCs are salvagable, if this fic was better, I would read it more than once :D

2 Giantess Toriel x Asriel: Motherly F****** - Undertale

Disregarding its surprisingly well-written and hilariously self-aware satire of the infamous shockfic genre and the freakish stomach-churning horrors that it often entails for the sake of filler, this almost-unbelievably disgusting fetish-fest story is basically the living archetype of everything an Undertale fanfic should not be, through and through. And dear ever-loving God, do I adore it. - xandermartin98

3 Full-Life Consequences - Half-Life
4 Dipper Goes to Taco Bell - Gravity Falls Dipper Goes to Taco Bell - Gravity Falls

Is it normal I find this hot

5 Giantess Lammy X Parappa: Big-Step-Sisterly F-ery - Parappa the Rapper
6 Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series - Undertale
7 Legolas by Laura - Lord of the Rings
8 Everything the Light Touches - The Lion King
9 Sweet Apple Massacre - My Little Pony

They say this was written by someone that didn't know the series and was only playing Call of Duty. The legend says their guy kept being killed a player named 'Cutie_Mark_Crusaders'. They went to do a half hour of research, and came up with this tale (obviously, taking inspiration from Cupcakes).
The genre of gore fiction is very over-saturated, but this story went to extreme lengths. The lengths it goes to nullify any creepy or horrific elements it may have had. It's still less than good, but stands out in the genre.

10 Thirty H'S - Harry Potter

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11 Al and Will Learn Spanish - Divergent
12 Starkit's Prophecy - Warriors

Very funny! Watch Moonkitti read this series of fanfics on her channel.

13 My Magical Weekend with 1d - One Direction

The narator has sex with most of the characters then violently and graphicly murders them. 10/10

14 Sonic High School - Sonic

From what I've seen, I am very glad I didn't read this fanfic.

15 Outbreak: Ashes
16 Metroid High School - Metroid
17 Blood Raining Night - Warriors
18 Keep Swimming - Finding Dory
19 The Pokemon Story - Pokemon
20 Cloud Mows the Lawn - Final Fantasy
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1. My Immortal - Harry Potter
2. Giantess Lammy X Parappa: Big-Step-Sisterly F-ery - Parappa the Rapper
3. Full-Life Consequences - Half-Life



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