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1 War

I am just blown away by the storyline, characters, writing techniques, everything. I do wish the logo/cover was a bit better though. Rating: PG-13 because of moderate content and violence. - Wolftail

2 Big Brother: Thunderclan

It's the most funny thing I have ever read. I love how they all had rivalries and Cloudtail is just amazing!

Funniest thing I have ever read! - Wolftail

3 Soaring Wren Series

My own fanfiction series is nothing compared to the amazing storytelling of the author of this. - Wolftail

4 Cold

I haven't yet read Season Five. Too busy! - Wolftail

5 Terrastar's Journey

This is really good! - Wolftail

6 We Can't Stay
7 Spy Torture

I haven't read this yet, but I've heard it's really good. - Wolftail

8 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Warriors Fanfiction Wiki

What's better than making your own cat to be appeared on the show and having the Millionaire quiz as well? :D - Wolftail

9 Fireclan

This is really good, and the author has a whole profile dedicated to this series. - Wolftail

10 The Fight to Be Heard

All I can say is...this story is AMAZING and deserves to be at the top! 😁

Yah. It is so amazing. I just can't believe it. 😃

The Contenders

11 Split Heart

Too bad this hasn't been completed yet. - Wolftail

12 If They Knew

I wrote it. It has the main character as a murderur but it sees her side of the story. - Badgerflame

13 Cinderella: A Fairytail

This is an excellent story, written by Blazey.

14 The 7 Deadly Heads of Hell
15 Secrets and Choices

SO GOOD (sorry Blizzardfoot)! The plot is JUST LIKE A REAL WARRIORCAT BOOK YAS

16 Cinders and Ivy

My own creation! I'm still working on it, but I have a good plot :)
It's about two sisters named Cinderleap and Ivylight who have discovered a prophecy at a young age and must save Pineclan from treacherous dangers that will be fatal to the Clans. "When death rises, black and white will fight for life." Read this story to find out more! ;)

17 Echoes of the War

Very well written and intriguing

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