Top 10 Fanmade MLP Songs

I've come across a lot of Fanmade MLP Songs over YouTube, so here is a list of my favorites!

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1 Discord

I love it! The beat, the pace, the lyrics, everything! The Living Tombstone remix of it I mean.

Usually I hate all the tombstone whatever, but I found this particular piece enjoyable.

I love this song, great lyrics and rhythm. The vocalist is a bit odd but who cares?

I'm utterly obsessed with this song. I can't stop replaying it!

2 Awoken

I love the rainbow factory franchise!
I even showed my friend( a pony hater) and she said she really liked it.
Sweetie Gems

This is a song about the ever popular Rainbow Factory MLP Creepypasta, in which a worker escapes what he calls prison (the factory). A sequel song is planned called the Pegasus Device.

This one scares me love the creepypasta though

3 Children of the Night

I listen to this song for hours and still love the calm and quiet melody and the beautiful voice of the singer!

Ya. I know it's not an original mlp song, but when I first saw it, it was so well animated I tried to look up the episode it was in not knowing it was a fan made video.

I just want everybody to know that the people who made it did not make the song. The song is from a movie called Wicked I think and that version they used was a cover by a cover artist.

This song obviously shows how lonely Luna is. She calls all the children to come with her. This song is almost like a lullaby.

4 Rainbow Factory

Love it when I first heard it I got obsessed with the song no I can't can't stop listening to it nonstop

Best song ever and I love how rainbow dash runs the place

I have had this dream lol.

Inspired one of the best MLP fan fictions ever and was made by Woodentoaster. It's so, so amazing.

5 Nightmare Night

Amazing beat, Awesome rap lyrics, amazing rap preference, brilliant song

I am in love with this song- I browsed BronyDanceParty's music video lists and found it. I love it!

I have listened to this song a million times and it NEVERgets old. I LOVE this song sooo much it should be higher. Its kinda nice to have a Halloween song you can listen to wity my lil sis around.This song is so well done and so great LISTEN to IT NOW

6 Lullaby for a Princess

This is just an amazing some, full of emotion. It is very sad, and really portrays celestia's emotions

I'm Surprised In Faceted More Surprised That This Song Isn't Number 1 I Love All The Other Songs On List To But This Song Is My Favourite, It Tells The Story Of Celestia Banishing Luna To The Moon A Concept That's Been Done In So Many Fan-Made Songs Before Although I Love How It Handles It and The Music, The Singing, The Lyrics and The Emotions So Beautifully and The Music Video Makes It Even Better But Even Without The Visuals It's Amazingly Powerful Also Another Amazing Thing Is Luna Is Not Betrayed In The Wrong, NoBodies Betrayed In The Wrong That's So Hard To Do Especially In A Song Like This I Have Gushed About It Anode I Could Go On All Day But It's One Of Those Songs that's Better To Hare For Your Self It's One Of Those Top Ten Songs and That's For A Good Reason.

For starters, The animation is beautiful and the lyrics are so well thought out. The music is amazing and it goes right along with the story. I never cry about things that other people find sad. Hardly EVER! But this phenomenal song caused me to shed many tears. So much vehemence is packed into this song, and its fantastic! It shows how sorrowful and mournful Celestia is for sending her troubled little sister away to the moon. She sings Luna a lullaby every night even though she can't hear her, for she misses her dearly. This song is powerful and it introduces a whole new way to see Celestia, especially if you don't particularly like her. This song should by all means be moved way up the the top of the list! PLEASE!

How is "Children of The Night" higher than this? "Lullaby for a Princess" has more meaning to it.

In "Children of The Night" the song tells of Luna KIDNAPPING fillies to go to the moon - And I don't think she adopted them either. By putting all the adults to sleep and sneaking away with orphans isn't such a good idea. Although I would admit DuoCartoonist's animation of it was good.

In "Lullaby for a Princess" it tells of Celestia's grief and regret of banishing her beloved sister. And WarpOut's animation of it is absolutely beautiful, with the topnotch shading and epic fight scene. This song should be first in my opinion.

7 Love Me Cheerilee

This song has a great vocalist and lyrics. The long pauses were sorta annoying, but it's passable.

Hey cheerilee, hey cheerilee cheerilee. BEST SONG EVER

8 Beyond Her Tomb

Very well made sorta rap song.

9 I Am Octavia

It's "I am Octavian", but spelled properly.

It gives a good tune to it. LOVE.IT!

10 I Am Octavian

Super catchy song. I heard it before titanium and thought it was octavia... This song is sure to get stuck in your head and it's a well done parody.

Beautiful animation with a great story and lovely vocals and voice acting, I am Octavia is one of a kind.

Yay. I don't like many of the choices on this list, but this and discord are some of my favorites.

This song and story made me cry... so heart wrenching and beautiful parody of Titanium.

The Contenders

11 Join the Herd

This song was send to me by a friend who loves My Little Pony when I told her that I was gonna start seeing it to see if I liked it. I must admit I relate with the guy who starts not wanting to see MLP and ends up becoming a brony too.

I may not be into My Little Pony, but I adore this song with a passion. Great little tune, impressive lyrics, what's not to love?

Love it so catchy and the. Story is fun and makes me smile about our community!

The positivity in this song cheers me up

12 Lullaby for the Princess


I can't BELIVE THs soNG is all THE way down heRE...the song is wonderful and supercatchy. The new music video is so well done and The song is a full seven minutes yet it doesn't get old. Come on people vote for the good... This song is great to listen to and it is super catchy to listen to. I don't think I've seen a fan made song or pmv so well done and so wonderful I can't even put into words... I totaly recomand listening to this song and watching the animation if you haven't yet already.

13 She's a Pony

I listen to the remix a lot. It's a well done song and I need more like it. Its catchy and I can humm it and people will just think I'm humming about pirates and not mlp. The song and sound affects are just really great.

I 💖 this Pinkie Pie song.

14 The Moon Rises

It is really beautiful song

Everything about this is so enjoyable!

This song is beautiful and shows how Luna was feeling before she made her famous attempt at shrouding Equestria in eternal night.

This is a opera type of music. I oved this one I wish this could be part of the episode since it is a beautiful song.

15 Anthropology

I love it the first time I heard this song it was from ink rose and I simply got hooked there isn't really a reason why.

This should be higher..


16 Don't Mine at Night

Please, please, go to YouTube and hear this song, I promise you will fall in love with it!

Pony Minecraft whats not to like? The pony version is way way better than the original version and the ship is great. Super catchy of greatness... LISTEN TO IT IF U haven't ALREADY

I love Minecraft the lyrics and the animation

It isn't the same lyrics as the normal version.

17 Angel of Darkness

This isn't an MLP song. It was probably just used with some pictures of Luna at one point. The same has happened with Dark Bloom from Wink Club and pretty much every other fandom.

I LOVE THIS SONG ANd IT SHOULd be used more I totaly agree but its not really mlp. But this song is super catchy and I LOVE the lyrics and this song is awesome and deserves better.

Luna is the best princess

It's so AWESOME! Luna's version is totally the best. Compared to every song in this world, even not MLP songs, this is the BEST OF THE BEST! Maybe except for Don't Mine At Night...

18 Gypsy Bard

This is just awesome! Sad lyrics to a happy tune actually fits Pinkie Pie really well! It really gets stuck in your head.

BEST SONG Super catchy and super upbeat. You can't go wrong with the good old Gypsy bard. Even my seven year old sis likes it! So many good videos have been blessed with this song and its byfar the best fanmade song yet.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES! Sherclop ponies are so cool, Funny videos, great music, it's just amazing how they change the original show, making it seem real right down to the voice actors.

This song is amazing.

19 The Real Pink Pony

I LOVE this song!

So nice

If you like cachy rap song ' s then lisen at this

20 Brony Polka

Am I the only one who thinks this is a creative masterpiece by AnimatedJames?

21 Castle of Shadows
22 Picture Perfect Pony
23 Cupcakes
24 A Tropical Octav3 Animation

It is so catchy.Well done.i love the part were Octavia pulls vinyl down.It is also very funny when she is caught by the shark.😂😂😂😂😂.Also it is a really funny when the dance.

25 How Applejack Won the War

It's funny
(a little frog told me to tell you to subscribe to frog nun gun)

A Sherclop ponies production. A little more violent than what they normally do, but very catchy beat.


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