Top 10 Fanmade Thomas & Friends Characters

Here you can put only fan-made TTTE Characters. Just to let you know. Come back every month for new characters.

The Top Ten

1 43210 43210

Who the hell are these people.

43210 is like the grumpy old man of the Fat Controller's railway. 'lovin him! - FinnsWorld

2 98765 98765
3 Aaron Aaron
4 Baden Baden
5 Abbaye Abbaye
6 Abbey Abbey
7 Agreable Agreable
8 Alana Alana
9 Allen Allen
10 Andrew Andrew

Andrews just a wooden railway character and he's not real.

None of these stupid charactrs are real.

The Contenders

11 Basil

Basil the warship diesel when his cooling system fails: START, YOU VICIOUS BASTARD! START! THAT'S IT! IF I HAD HANDS, I SHOULD GIVE YOU A DAMN GOOD THRASHING!

12 Edward

This is not fanmade

13 Anna
14 Anton
15 Bernard
16 Tornado

Tornado, from WildNorWestor's series Sodor: The Modern Years, is an interesting character. We see a young engine who literally is young, being built in the 21st Century, who has a lot of potential. He's been used by other Youtubers, with varying stories. He's interesting, and has to deal with being a bit odd, as he doesn't have the skills of other engines, but is famous for simply being built. Tornado deserved to be in the Top 10 in my opinion.

17 Timothy Timothy
18 Rick

Rick, that would be a perfect name for a Class 04 diesel shunter who's a bit of a worrywart.

19 Roger

Roger would be a perfect name for a new tower crane that works at the Center Island Quarry on Thomas' branch line.

In my mind, Roger the crane would be the complete opposite of his older brother. (Cranky)

20 Melvin

Melvin would be a large logging truck from America and would be a part of the Anti-rail league. Whenever his plans turn out wrong, Melvin gets into trouble.

21 Mahmoud

They will be a pair of two Turkish/Indian DMU's who are friends of Ashima, Rajiv, Noor Jehan and Shankar.

22 Barry the Barge
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