Top 10 Fanmade Undertale Bosses


The Top Ten

1 Alphys NEO
2 Red

Red is a fun boss to fight and hard and has unique moves

3 Ultra Sans

Without the annoying dog you would be having a really bad time

He is amazingly strong and for a fan made if annoying dog never was in undertale he would be the hardest boss

4 Gaster & Deprived Gaster
5 Omega Temmie

He is just as tough as omega flowey

U mean omega sans I omega papyrus I mean omega alphys I mean omega GAstER mean I mean omega red I mean omega toriel I mean omega frisk I mean omega chara I mean omega undye list of omega asgore asriel dummy froggit napstbook glyed mad mew mew muffet mattaton omega mettaton annoying dog WD GLICHTALE OMEGA ALL SOUL GAstER

H0i I'm TEmIe. YoUR BEst FweNd.

6 Chara

Chara is very hard to beat. She is a monster in my Au and she just throws knifes and souls at you. (LOL Why did I make her a monster?! )

7 Disbelief Papyrus

His disbelief gets the best of him and it makes him hurt the human

Poor boi, yeh

THIS GUY IS AWESOME it's a clever concept, EVERY VERSION IS HARDER THAN SANS, and my favorite versions BOTH have Gaster in them (even if I am seemingly the only person who EVER noticed one of those Gaster appearances.).

8 Underswap Alphys
9 MTT-Brand Silly Script
10 Archo

He uses attacks to make you think his food tastes good

The Contenders

11 Sass

He bones (or toms) me every time

12 Sixbones

This Dude Is so HARD (and creepy) I can't get past him!

13 Annoying Dog
14 Master Hand

Should be #1.

15 Ink Sans's Final Form

This guy is hard as hell. Its TOO HARD still when I try to kill his 1st 2nd and 3rd forms and his final form.
Ink Sans is the creator of all kind and types of Sans and he can do anything with his paint brush. He paints the thing and its becomes the battle. He is like a creator in the whole entire multiverse. He is WAYY harder than any sans and any god in the multiverse. Ink Sans can beat Error sans cause Ink Sans can paint another Error Sans and the Error with both die. Ink Sans can paint ANYTHING and it comes to life or the real think Ink Sans wants. Ink Sans is such a God depending on how strong the enemy is. I keep dieing on his 1st attack on his 1st phase. I have beaten Chaos King from deltarune And WHEN I CAME ACROSS THIS...
He is a Multiverse of A BIG CREATOR.
He is a Creator of every thing, Ink Sans final form then he will be blind folded and he does attacks. POWER FULL ONES. like ones that deal about 70 dmg in one attack

He is Hard for 98% of people ...more

16 Meta Knight
17 Magus (Chrono Trigger)
18 Bad Time Simulator (Sans)
19 Megalovania (Stepmania)
20 Alternate Papyrus
21 King Sans
22 Genocide Alphys
23 Omega Toriel
24 Omega Sans
25 Omega Burgerpants
26 Scapegoat
27 Operator
28 Toriel The Gatekeeper
29 Flowey (Undertale EX)
30 Pacifist Sans
31 Underswap Papyrus
32 Underswap Sans
33 Napstaton
34 Mettaton NEO 2.0
35 Genocide Grillby
36 Seven Human Souls
38 Sanstrocity
39 Allysue
40 Asgoromet
41 Save Goatbro
42 Undyne Ultra

It looks easy But so Badass undyne is a badass

43 Revenge Papyrus
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