The Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien


Harry Potter can suck monkey balls compared to Tolkien's fantasy world. Rowling copied much of the stuff, that Tolkien created. He imagined new world, races, languages and an INCREDIBLE story, which teaches you to be honest, be brave and trust your friends to the very end.. which makes it even more worth than the Bible ( I'm not religious, but I'm sure that Tolkien has lived ).

Harry Potter is not a bad series, but in pails in comparison to Tolkien's life masterpiece. This is THE fantasy series to rule them all. There is no other, when the person for Harry Potter said it was the most profitable, well, that's not true, as a whole the Lord of the Rings has sold more than Harry Potter.

If this book had never been written there may not be the fantasy we know so well today. This book which was later broken up into three different parts but made none the less epic, and I must say that even though John Ronald Ruel Tolkien passed away around fifty years ago, his fame still lives in every single book I pick up. I have to say all of the books on this list are great, but this book stands out to me a lot. I never have trouble finding it either in the library or the bookstore, so I say here and nw that this books deserves first place next to Harry Potter. The Lord Of The Rings is EPIC!

What is the twilight saga doing in this list?
It may be a good romance book but when it comes to fantasy it doesn't belong here

While I respect Harry Potter for what it is, It has never been as well thought out, as linguistically creative, or as inspiring as Tolkien's Legendarium. And so I don't get flamed I'm going to lay out why I think that. (So please bare with me)

Middle-Earth started as a Hobbit's adventure to the Mountain. After Tolkien wrote the Hobbit he continued to explore Middle-Earth. Tolkien's work has a backstory that spans millennia, every character has a backstory, and every so called inconsistency was thought out and solved by Tolkien himself. Harry's world while cool is merely another society added into the real world.

Tolkien was a polylinguist of the highest order. The languages of Middle Earth drew from dozens of languages all across the world: including but not limited to Latin, Hebrew, Nordic, and Slaxon languages. His thorough understanding of language had him often correcting the native speakers who translated his books. Rowling merely used some modified Latin for her ...more

BOY. JRR Tolkien made multiple translatable languages and has a literal history book on the fantasy world called The Silmarillion. What did JK Rowling do? Make like 2 interesting characters. Plus The Return of The King won the Best Picture award in 2003. How many of the Harry Potter movies got Best Picture award? NONE OF THEM. The Harry Potter series ended up getting a grand total of ONE OSCAR when The Return of The King literally won ELEVEN OSCARS which completely blows the whole series out of the water and that's not including any of the other movies so obviously if you voted for Harry Potter you've never read the LOTR series because it's probably too advanced for you Harry Potter fans.

The thought and time put into Lord of the Rings not only creates a world, but cultures, languages that actually work as more. Lord of the Rings is and will always be the best series ever written

I think this should be first. I didn't enjoy it as much as the Harry Potter series, but I think it is much more influential, and Harry Potter would have probably been much different without it. - Yoshilord

Epic battles love and a world of changes suspenseful well written the world will change but our history of magic lives on in this set of stories I love the whole set

Harry Potter may be good, but it fails in comparison to the sheer awesomeness The Lord Of The Rings gave us. It is THE original fantasy series.

The originator. The series all fantasy series strive to emulate. The only answer for number one! Look I've read all the Harry Potter series and while its story is

I have absolutely no idea how Harry Potter could possibly be considered better than this. It's just mind boggling. Makes me think a bunch of 10 year old's took over.

Easily best of all time. Depth of world building and unique characters (talking giant trees! ), totally invented languages, detailed scenic descriptions, and gripping twisted action packed quest. LOTR change the entire landscape of fantasy fiction. Everything after is compared to it.

The Lord of the Rings depicts the elements of the world ever since time began. Harry Potter is just a series sugared up with witchcraft.

Deserves the Top Spot because it is what made Fantasy what it is, and inspired authors afterward. This story will stand the test of time!

How is this second, I mean, I like Harry Potter, but The Lord of the Rings is a beautiful work of art and storytelling, I fell in love with it.

The epitome of fantasy story telling with a depth of real characters like no other ever written. This is the BEST of fantasy by far!

The Lord of the Rings is the greatest six book fantasy collection ever. - andrewcello

Amazing expansive masterpiece better than all

There is only one fantasy book and it does not share power

Probably the best "fantasy" ever.

Lol, Harry Potter? ROFL. Lord of the Rings is classic, Harry Potter is not. Lord of the Rings has a good moral, Harry Potter does not. Lord of the Rings is simply more epic too

The Lord of the Rings by far owns all other fantasy series! GO LOTR!

I never can choose between the lord of the rings and harry potter so I choose for the books who are the lowst in the list

Its hard to say that Harry Potter is even a fantasy book at all, its basically the real world with just wizards and some wizard lore that you hardly even learn much of. Harry Potter is a good story but Lord of the Rings has so much lore, madeup languages and plain epicness.