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1 Middle-Earth

It's a no- brainer, this one. Middle- Earth may not be the first fantasy world to be created but I certainly is the most popular, inspiring many other fantasy worlds to crop up. Expansive, legendai, beautiful and with immensely interesting and exhaustive lore, ME is the King of of fantasy.

Tolkien put so much love and effort into this world, giving it more detail than any other Fantasy world I can think of. It almost feels like I'm reading an actual history book when reading about Middle Earth's lore and history - RoleplayerR

This is more of a Fantasy World than Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for this is another universe, while Hogwarts is in the real world (as the story makes it out).

Laugh out loud hairy potter seriously?

2 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry

While Hogwarts was, and is, a great setting, it isn't a world so much as it is in an alternate version of the real world where wizards exist.

A magical mystery boarding school in the middle of no where filled with hot teenagers? Who wouldn't want to go!

I hope someday it will be real and the people there will be real too.. Oh Harry

People assume that if you've read LOTR, you automatically think it's the best book series ever and nothing can compare to it. I disagree. I've read both and I love Hogwarts more than Middle Earth.

3 Westeros

This is the closest that I can compare to Tolkien's Middle Earth. Martin built a world filled with breathtaking landmarks, detailed history, and immersive setting that makes you feel like you're living in the entire plot

4 Narnia
5 Star Wars Universe

The star wars universe is great because, instead of just being stuck on one continent or one planet, you have literally millions of them, each with thousands of years of history, culture, and lore.

It's so big and vast. The main problem I have with many fantasy worlds is that they are too small. It makes me feel kinda trapped. While Star Wars it's crazy big and everywhere is interesting.

This is NOT a fantasy world, the only fantasy in Star Wars is the force - PeeledBanana

Umm.. hello? Who wouldn't love to be a jedi?

6 Star Trek Universe
7 Atlantis
8 Emerged World
9 Wonderland

I'm 90% sure Wonderland is just what was going through Lewis Carol's mind while he highly intoxicated.

10 Dune

The Contenders

11 Tamriel (Elder Scrolls)

If anyone tries to indulge in the world of Nirn, he will certainly understand that Tamriel should make top ten of the list. It's lore is much more mature and enjoyable than some entries at the top 10.

#Amazing. Adoring fan for the win

The law is amazing. Just imagine that moment between Serena and Milagros bal. Ah magical.

12 Azeroth
13 Marvel Universe

Basically Marvel and Middle-Earth are my two favorite things and Marvel in my opinion is more of a Superhero or Sci-fi Universe and should not be on this list.

Cool world love xmen - dgvbfhhvg12442415

14 Warhammer Fantasy
15 Pandora

If we're talking Borderlands then yes. If we're talking big blue people that live in trees, then no.

I think having my own Avatar would be awesome. - notyetsaved

16 Oz
17 World of Witcher
18 Randland

By far the most fleshed out and interesting world on this list. I only wish it was more well known. Wheel of Time is amazing. I can't wait for the show to come out and for the series to be more mainstream

19 Naboombu
20 Moominvalley
21 Discworld
22 World of Warcraft

Most complex fantasy world that exist! It's even bigger it's the biggest complex fantasy universe! If you really know the whole story of this intense lore... I swear than it's thousand times better than Middle-Earth (Arda)

23 Thedas
24 Equestria
25 Remnant (RWBY)
26 Asgard

LOKI rules

27 Hyrule
28 Pokemon World
29 Toontown
30 Neverland
31 FarmVille
32 Hyboria

The brain child of REH, he didn't design Hyboria for a novel; it came to life more or less on it's own through a series of short stories. So vivid were these stories in their description of the world in which they took place, that the first map was not drawn by Robert E. Howard himself, but two college professors who were fans of his works and the painstakingly constructed the world of Hyboria from a dozen or so short stories and impressed REH so much that it became the first official map of Hyboria.

Written during the Great Depression, Hyboria predates nearly all other fantasy worlds of equivalent size and detail, and certainly those of the heroic fantasy genre. Arguably more detailed that even Tolkien's Middle Earth, Howard explores the regions of Hyboria far more than Tolkien explores Middle Earth, with 17 stories published within his lifetime and numerous others after his tragic passing. Though Tolkien is often considered the king of fantasy, far fewer writers have ...more

33 Gotham

I mean how could you not love gotham?

34 World of Remnant
35 All-World
36 Wakanda (Black Panther)
37 Hundred Acre Wood
38 Ninjago
39 World of Twelve
40 Buffyverse
41 One Piece World
42 Avalar (Spyro Games)
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