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21 Discworld - Terry Pratchett
22 Thedas
23 Naboombu
24 Hyboria

The brain child of REH, he didn't design Hyboria for a novel; it came to life more or less on it's own through a series of short stories. So vivid were these stories in their description of the world in which they took place, that the first map was not drawn by Robert E. Howard himself, but two college professors who were fans of his works and the painstakingly constructed the world of Hyboria from a dozen or so short stories and impressed REH so much that it became the first official map of Hyboria.

Written during the Great Depression, Hyboria predates nearly all other fantasy worlds of equivalent size and detail, and certainly those of the heroic fantasy genre. Arguably more detailed that even Tolkien's Middle Earth, Howard explores the regions of Hyboria far more than Tolkien explores Middle Earth, with 17 stories published within his lifetime and numerous others after his tragic passing. Though Tolkien is often considered the king of fantasy, far fewer writers have ...more

25 Gotham

I mean how could you not love gotham?

26 World of Remnant
27 World of Warcraft

Most complex fantasy world that exist! It's even bigger it's the biggest complex fantasy universe! If you really know the whole story of this intense lore... I swear than it's thousand times better than Middle-Earth (Arda)

28 Equestria
29 Remnant (RWBY)
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