Best Far Cry 1 Levels

What's your favorite level of the video game Far Cry 1?

The Top Ten

1 Fort

It's used as demo-level and is one of the most beautiful daylight-levels. Features open-world and interesting plot. The events of this level are mentioned far later in the story.

2 Rebellion

An open-world night-level. Maybe one of the hardest ones, because of different, very strong trigens.

3 Boat

Destroying towers in the morning on a beautiful group of islands. Only the end is disgusting.

4 Pier

The last outdoor-daytime level in typical FarCry-setting. Beautiful scenery, interesting objectives

5 Catacombs

A late-game daytime-level, mysterious catacombs and strong enemis

6 Training

The first level is also very representative for this game

7 Carrier

The second level is the first indoor-level, but one of the easiest...

8 Steam

The first night-level. Frightening in the first place but very challenging.

9 Treehouse

The first fight against trigens. Very shocking and epic dawn

10 Swamp

The only level to fight with Val most of the time, therefore a welcome variety

The Contenders

11 Research
12 Control
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