Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Homosexuality

Human society has experienced the thrivings of homosexual people. This has been a part of society from the very onset of human existence. Our society experiences the existence of several young men who remain obsessed in playing with dolls as well as dressing up like girls. They often keep following stereotypical female pursuits and finally end up being a gay. In a similar way, there are girls who follow male instincts.

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1 Gay couples are financially richer than straight couples
2 Native Americans hold homosexual people in high esteem
3 Stress in the early stages of pregnancy can result in homosexual child
4 Unlike heterosexual women, lesbians' Index finger is shorter, on average, than the Ring finger

Uh, my index finger is shorter on my right hand. Same size as ring finger on my left hand. Does this mean anything? - RockFashionista

I'm a bisexual woman and my index and ring finger are the same length. Coincidence? - 4EverMJLuv

5 Genetically, homosexual men are exactly the same as heterosexual men
6 A man's chances of being gay increases with the increasing number of elder brothers he has
7 The hypothalamus of homosexual men are different from that of heterosexual men
8 Efforts to change sexual orientation are ineffective and can prove to be harmful

So stop trying to change people. We're in free Murica' of course

9 Homosexuality and same-sex couplings have been honored in ancient India and Greece
10 The sexual orientation of homosexuals is self-discovered and begins from early adulthood

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11 It can occur in animals. Especially the Giraffe, the Bat, even the Grey Whale

And pandas!

It also occurs a lot in lions.

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