Top 10 Fascinating Languages In the World

This is list about the mostly fascinating languages, by ssounds and also alphabets and various aspects.

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1 Japanese

Japanese language uses a three scripts (Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana) - Mark993

Yeah, I think Japanese is interesting.

I'm Japanese to

Every tsundere girl in anime: "It's not like I like you, B-B-BAKA! " - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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2 Arabic

Arabic uses a consonantal (Abjad) alphabet with right to left direction. This is also very typical for Hebrew and Aramaic. - Mark993

3 Hindi

Those languages are very similar, like Czech and Slovak. Also, many words are of Sanskrit origin in Hindi and Urdu has a many words of Persian, or Arabic.
Also, Hindi is written in Devanagari and Urdu in Arabic script. - Mark993

4 Finnish

Finnish is written also in Latin alphabet, but It is mostly beautiful language of the northern countries by myself.
Also, this is a language, which gets an inspiration for Tolkien to create an Elvish language. - Mark993

5 French

For me it's the most fascinating latin language. Of course French is pretty but it's especially cool to speak and write it. Almost everybody recognises French when they hear it, there is something magical about this language. Particularly in songs : so much emotions and it's even better with some caracteristic French sounds. - lili117

6 Spanish
7 Russian

Absolutely beautiful

8 Korean

Korean has a very great and unique writing system called Hangul, which is a featural alphabet. It means, that consonants are represented by shapes of tongue and mouth. Also, those characters are combined to a character blocks. - Mark993

9 Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese has a very difficult writing system, but It is also tonal language and grammar is very simple. Maybe, because every letter is one word, this is a logographic writing system. Also, tones and syllables looks, like one song... - Mark993

Woot woot! Nine years of grueling Chinese school did absolutely nothing for me, but I certainly enjoy being semi-trilangual. - keycha1n

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10 Bulgarian

Bulgarian is language, which was firstly written in Cyrillic and It is similar language to Old church Slavonic. - Mark993

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11 Bengali
12 German
13 Indonesian

Indonesian has a simple grammar, also simple writing system and many words are of another origin. Indonesian is also dialect of Malay language, used in Indonesia. - Mark993

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14 Greek

Greek (specially) Ancient Greek is a language of Homer, greek myths and this is oldest European language, which was written. Greek alphabet gets a base of Latin, Cyrillic and various another alphabets. Also, word Alphabet is from Greek.
Modern standard Greek is also very nice by a sound and I love also Greek music. - Mark993

15 English

so easy

16 Portuguese
17 Italian

If I heard a cuisine terms in Italian, It sounds me a very nice. Also, Italian language is language of art and design. - Mark993

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18 Polish

I know it isn't famous, but it is hard to learn and fascinating to see how some people speak.

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19 Farsi/Persian
20 Amharic

Amharic, this is also very important language to Rastafari. - Mark993

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