Best Fast Food Chicken Strips

What are the best fast food, over the counter style fried chicken places. Or who has the best fried chicken strips, tenders, fingers, nuggets, etc.

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1 Chick-Fil-A

Simply the best, they are juicy with a slight sweet flavor to them. - udatermin81o

The first time I tried it I went back the same day to get another meal, it was too good to resist

LOVE IT! It is so yummy especially for a fast food resturaunt! It is amazing and absolutely DELICIOUS! I would go there ANY day for the awesome chicken! All the food is so good!

Best meal, best value. My sons worked there as teenagers. They were impressed by the food quality "behind the scenes." Good company.

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2 Kentucky Fried Chicken

It only ranks at #2 because there are not enough Popeye's or Church's all around the country

the restraunt that serves the best chicken. better than any other restraunt. - jack2463

I voted for this because I've never tried Chick-fil-a *continues to sob*


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3 Popeye's

Love the spiciness and crispiness of their strips. KFC is way too greasy and soggy around my area.

High quality chicken, with an amazing flavor! Hand breaded and made in house which is a huge freshness booster.

I love this chicken, it is so light and crispy, not greasy, Popeye's is the best.

There are the spicy chicken tenders that I've been getting since I was a kid. 😋

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4 Church's Chicken

Super tender, and the white gravy is the best hands down. If you like gravy with your chicken, Church's is the best. Also, all for some spicy sprinkle, you won't be disappointed.

Love Church's please come to Southwest PA

Love that marinated taste with a fresh jalapeno.

Delicious- best chicken so far that I have tried.

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5 Wendy's

I just check this page for best chicken strips and since Wendy's was around the corner less than 1/2 mile I figured to try them. They were they worst chicken I every should had drove the extra 1/4 to KFC since they were rated better. They should remove Wendy's from list.

The chicken nuggets are best with ranch, and to dip in the frosty with your sprite on the side and 500 French fries in your mouth! I LOVE THEM so MUCH!

By far my favorite fast food option.

The food is good and look like it

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6 Zaxby's

Just MAGICALLY DELICIOUS! Better than Chester's Fried! Chester's Fried and Cane's CRAP!

If you put zax sauce on it, then this is amazing - TheNewGuy132

Simply the best. Head and shoulders above the others

Zaxby's has the freshest tasting chicken strips on a bun with lettuce and their special zax sauce that I have every tasted! So delicious!

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7 McDonald's

Sarcasm... Ready?

Oh, how I love their nuggets, those 5 percent nuggets, I could eat them everyday, bones and all - CityGuru

If you like pink goop, giblets, bones, neck, and butt.

Oh My God their chicken nuggets are so good how are they not on here?

I don't care that it is fake chicken... IT TASTES GOOD!

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8 Hardee's/Carl's Jr

I love Hardee's hand battered fried chicken strips. To me, they're the most tender and always juicy, plus, I find them to be the least greasy of any of the other ff restaurants in central North Carolina. I pass by 3 such restaurants to get my fix of Hardee's hand battered fried chicken strips.

Their chicken tenders are so good! I love their honey mustard sauce they give with them.

I love Hardee's chicken so much! Their honey mustard is my favorite!

These chicken tenders are amazing! I could eat them everyday of my life.

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9 Dairy Queen

I love Dairy Queens chicken... I think I just like chicken too much.

Their honey mustard is why the chicken strips are so good!

SOLID honey mustard is great too. Where is Bojangles? yum.

Dairy Queen should be number one!

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10 Sonic

My friend's father owns a local Sonic, so every time we have a party he brings Sonic chicken. It tastes super good and I think that it is reasonably healthy for fried chicken.

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? Cook Out

Crunchy and still moist inside great tasting and great texture

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11 Cane's

Cane's is EASILY the best chicken strip I've ever had. I'm from Chicago, so have had KFC, Popeye's, Wendy's, Church's & Long John Silver's (the second best in my humble opinion) since I was a kid. I had Cane's for the first time early this year and go back every time I'm in a state where there is a franchise.

Crossing my fingers they'll eventually move to Illinois so we can finally get a quality chicken strip.

It's their fresh marinated chicken with homemade sauce that will make your tongue slap yo face! Love the golden fried crinkle cut French fries with the oh so buttery garlic toast! I am getting hungry just writing this! The only problem is that they are not as well know outside of Texas and Louisiana, but they are definitely expanding.

Raising Cane's is in more states than that now. But that's pretty much all they are! But I never liked having to deal with bones anyway. Still they got a signature sauce too.

The chicken is so juicy and crispy, I love it!

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12 Burger King

My girlfrirnd snd I enjoyed some of these at OGG airport in Maui and We thought... Wow- not bad for our least favorite fast food joint! She had never Eatin at bk before or since... Previously I enjoyed Macdonalds whole breast strips...

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13 Bojangles

The only reason this is so low is because it's regional but it's the best chicken strips ever perfect blend of spices to get your juices flowing

The chicken tastes so fresh. All around perfection.

in bojangles you get the most 4 your money - russian

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14 Jack in the Box

Not overly spicy and the right amount of actual crunch!

So crispy and tender in all the right places

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15 Raising Cane's

Only in New Orleans and Mobile as far as I know, but their chicken tenders blow all others out of the water!

Cane's is definitely the best. There are several locations in North Texas (DFW) as well.

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16 Chicken Express

KFC is so overrated, this is where it is when it comes to chicken tenders! For regular fried chicken, our local grocery store chain, United, their deli has the best bone-in fried chicken EVER. KFC is good too, just not as good as these.

Best tenders, best variety of sides and Famous sweet tea... Doesn't get much better than that

No competition on chicken tenders. I've been a CE devotee for years.

17 PDQ

Fresh chicken and turkey, good salads and sandwiches. Better than the other chains hands down.

Amazing dipping sauces to go with the crispy, juicy chicken!

18 Checker's/Rally's

I absaulitly love checkers if I could without getting.sick I would all day evetyday

19 Guthrie's

I am a chicken finger fanatic. I've tried them all & Guthrie's is the best for a chain restaurant! Also (not a chain but definitely worth mentioning) Speedy Pig in Russellville, AL has the best chicken fingers, fries, & dipping sauce!

Anyone who has had Guthrie's knows what I'm talking about.

20 Clover's
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