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21 Steak n' Shake

They are so good that I order 6 of them and finish my plate every time

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22 A&W

I love A&W chicken strips sooo much! Because whenever me and my friend hang out we always go there to eat! 11/10 so good!

23 Go Chicken Go

They were number one.

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24 Layne's of College Station

Layne's so good make you slap yo mama

25 Wingstop
26 Golden Chick

Oh my God, Golden Chick is...Golden! While the price is arguably steep, the taste and quantity of food is there! Their tenders are delicious, but their spicy tenders are so flavorful! Plus their fries and bread are amazing! Also they have a plethora of great sides

This is not a place you find in most towns which is probably why it's not on top of the list! Their tenders are freshly prepared, juicy, golden, crunchy... made with love! As a bonus-- served with white gravy and sweet rolls! Nom Nom!

27 Slim Chickens

Really good chicken strips. It's amazing ha I eat there almost everyday. I think they may be better than canes. Kind of similar though. Just a lil bit better

28 St.Hubert

A French Canadian chain that literally makes the best chicken you will ever taste.

29 Jollibee

Chicken Joy is delicious.

30 Whataburger

They are terrific! 4 out of 5!

31 KFC
32 Culvers

I love Culvers they have the best kind of chicken, ice cream (custard), and cheese curds

33 Chester's Fried

Plump juicy chicken pieces, you get a lot for your money - udatermin81o

34 Long John Silver's

Batter, not breading, really makes a difference. The best fast food chicken around in my opinion.

Yay fat people site

35 Huey Magoos

Kick but batter excellent sauce!

36 Bush's Chicken

Bush's Chicken is the best and has a lots of side dishes. A lot more variety than Cane's and Church's

If I can't have Popeye's or Church's - Bush's is next - another francise welcome in Southwest PA


37 White Castle
38 Jay's Deli

They are so good by far the best I have ever tasted

39 Friendly's

The chicken tenders are pretty awesome and especially when you have them with the waffle fries. Such a good combination

40 Cook Out

Crunchy and still moist inside great tasting and great texture

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