Top Ten Fast Paced Metal Songs of the 1970s

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1 Highway Star - Deep Purple

Haha, it's the visitor who first needs a tutorial on this subject. This song isn't hard rock - hard rock is blues based, this song is based on classical and is one of the first metal songs, speed metal in particular. - Metal_Treasure

Answer: it is well known that this song was influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach, especially the organ and guitar solos that were based on Bach-like chord sequences. - Metal_Treasure

It's hard ROCK. A tutorial on this subject is definitely in order.

Ha Ha,remember list of best metal songs of 70s?.I got afraid after adding this song.It was the same debate if its hard rock or heavy metal. - zxm

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2 Dissident Aggressor - Judas Priest UListen to Sample
3 Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath

No. This is a partial inversion of a well-known boogie riff made popular by John Lee Hooker. The bridge might be described as vaguely reminiscent of Wagner or perhaps, Mussorgsky, but even that's a stretch.

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4 Kill the King - Rainbow

Yeah, power metal from 1978

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5 A Light in the Black - Rainbow

A genre defining fast and epic song (1976). The best Ritchie Blackmore solo ever, great vox from Dio and drums from Cozy Powell.. - Metal_Treasure

I'm ashamed myself how I forget this classic to put to the list... thanks!

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6 Free Me Now - Accept
7 Ride the Sky - Lucifer's Friend UListen to Sample
8 Set Me Free - Sweet

Very underrated song, however a big influental to millions favorite 80s metal genre, the glam metal...

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9 Hard Lovin' Man - Deep Purple UListen to Sample
10 Overkill - Motörhead UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Burn - Deep Purple UListen to Sample
12 Speed King - Deep Purple UListen to Sample
13 Bird of Prey - Uriah Heep UListen to Sample
14 Eruption - Van Halen UListen to Sample
15 Symptom of the Universe - Black Sabbath UListen to Sample
16 Shylock - Buffalo
17 Plastic Shotgun - Night Sun
18 On Fire - Van Halen UListen to Sample
19 That's Rock and Roll - Accept
20 Child in Time - Deep Purple

Zxm thanks for submitted this, but only the guitar solo is fast paced in this song, so this isn't that really fast paced song! Great song at all

@somekindofaguy, I submitted this song because this song is parted in different parts but the guitar solo is very fast paced.and this solo is even more fast paced than many other songs here. - zxm

21 Easy Livin' - Uriah Heep UListen to Sample
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