Top Ten Fastest Christian Rap Songs

The Top Ten

1 Relentless - Modern Day Beast

Couln't even understand what he was saying

At first I thought he wasn't even rapping it was so fast.

2 Last Dayz - Eric C.

The part where Rapid fire (second last verse) and Eric c (second verse) are rapping is fast. Very fast.

This song is so boss, so fast, so unrelentless, stinking AWESOME! The beat is crazy sick.

3 Speed Kills - Modern Day Beast

I think this is my favorite Modern day beast song, because I can hear what he's saying more clearly, but it's still such a fast song.

4 Go - H.G.A.
5 Full Court Mess Remix - Seckond Chaynce
6 Right Look - Bshock Right Look - Bshock Cover Art

The second verse, by D-Maub, is the fastest.

7 Good to Go - Canon
8 Spirit Fingers World Wide - Seckond Chaynce
9 Madd - Seckond Chaynce

Just an overall FAST song.

10 Aliens - Lecrae

The Contenders

11 Paganini - Andy Mineo FT KB, Canon

I mean, what else can you say. It's a song that's meant to sound fast, it IS fast, and it's a popular fast song. Pretty good.

12 Can I Flow Yo - Seckond Chaynce
13 Jerk Chicken Freestyle - Canon Jerk Chicken Freestyle - Canon Cover Art

This song is 5.6 words a SECOND! (minus the intro)

14 The Saints - Andy Mineo The Saints - Andy Mineo Cover Art

By Andy Mineo. Fastest Christian Rap I have ever heard, and I should know

15 Wait Till I'm Finished - Todd McCray Wait Till I'm Finished - Todd McCray Cover Art

He has two 40 second stints that just go off the hook in speed context.

16 Go Off - KB Go Off - KB Cover Art

That's a good song

KB and tedashii are amazing in this song - paasadani

17 Forgiveness - Tobymac Forgiveness - Tobymac Cover Art

This song isn't even fast. What are you saying it's faster than Psycho, Tony Tillman.

18 Real - NF Real - NF Cover Art

It actually is a kind of fast song. Although it's probably NF's third-fastest track. (no. 2 is intro 1 and no. 1 is paid my dues)

19 Go Off - Canon Go Off - Canon Cover Art

The first verse is really fast! Faster than ten toes deep. Faster than my city. Probably his third-fastest song. no. 2 is where is mad haven, and no. 1 is good to go.

20 Psycho - Tony Tillman Psycho - Tony Tillman Cover Art

It gives you a dose of just how fast Tony Tillman really is, and he can sure spit those bars.

Really fast on it spits good bars

21 I'm On - Black Knight I'm On - Black Knight Cover Art

Black Knight himself isn't very fast. It's the second verse, which is sung by exoduz, that's the fast part!

Really fast, rapid

22 Let You Down - NF Let You Down - NF Cover Art


Fast on it off and on

23 Seckond Chaynce - Go! Feat. KB and Tedashii

Its really tedashii that raps fast in this song

24 For Free? (Interlude) - Kendrick Lamar For Free? (Interlude) - Kendrick Lamar Cover Art

This song isn't even Christian

25 Speed Freak - Modern Day Beast

From the 21 second mark to the 34-second mark, is the fastest Christian rap I've ever heard. I looked it up, and that part is 105 words in 13 seconds. That's 8 words per second!

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